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  1. Renaissance News & Views, Vol. 9 No. 1 (January 1995)

    Collection: Renaissance News & Newsletters
    Institution: Transgender Archives, University of Victoria
    Creator: Renaissance Education Association
    Date: Jan. 1995
    Topics: Activists, Appearance, Clothing, Comic strips, Coming out, Conferences, Crossdressing, Discrimination, DSM, Fetishism, Gay community, Gender realignment surgery, Gender role, Human rights, Law, Politics, Representation, Stereotypes, Suicide, Support groups, Transgender community, Transsexual people
    Subject: American Educational Gender Information Service, Inc. (AEGIS), Elizabeth Club, Gordene Olga Mackenzie, RuPaul, Transgender Nation
  2. The Sweetheart Connection Vol. 6 No. 4 (Fall 1998)

    Collection: The Sweetheart Connection
    Institution: Joseph A. Labadie Collection, University of Michigan
    Creator: Graham, Onnalee
    Date: Autumn 1998
    Topics: Acceptance, Comic strips, Coming out, Counseling, Crossdressing, Events, LGBTI community, Literature review, Marriage, Passing, Poetry, Religions, Secrecy, Self-acceptance, Upbringing
    Subject: Alan Lanning, Alan Yorker, RuPaul