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  1. Renaissance News & Views, Vol. 8 No. 7 (July 1994)

    Collection: Renaissance News & Newsletters
    Institution: Transgender Archives, University of Victoria
    Creator: Renaissance Education Association
    Date: Jul. 1994
    Topics: Appearance, Bible, Courts, Crossdressing, Domestic partnerships, DSM, Families, Film, Gender realignment surgery, Homosexuality, LGBTI community, MtFs, Olympic games, Politicians, Politics, Religions, Roman catholicism, Sports, Stonewall riots, Theology
    Subject: Fantasia Fair, International Foundation for Gender Education (IFGE), Mrs. Doubtfire, Stonewall 25
  2. Turnabout: A Magazine of Transvestism, No. 4 (1964)

    Collection: Turnabout Publications
    Institution: Joseph A. Labadie Collection, University of Michigan
    Creator: Fredericks, Siobhan
    Date: 1964
    Topics: Actors, Advertisements, Arrests, Clothing, Cosmetics, Criminal law, Crossdressers, Crossdressing, Domestic partnerships, Drawings, Fiction, Hypnotism, Marriage, Partners of transgender people, Reviews, Television programmes
    Subject: A Turnabout Portfolio of TV Drawings