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  1. Girl Talk, Vol. 13 No. 11 (November, 1998)

    Collection: Renaissance News & Newsletters
    Institution: Joseph A. Labadie Collection, University of Michigan
    Creator: Silk, Cyndi
    Date: Nov. 1998
    Topics: Crossdressers, Discrimination, Donations, Gatherings, Hate crimes, Homophobia, Transgender people, Transphobia, Violence, Witchcraft
    Subject: 1999 Coming Together, AEGIS, Alison Laing, American Eduational Gender Information Service, California Dreamin', Carole Norman, Christine Jorgensen, Colleen Harper, Dallas Denny, Dave Gouran, DuEtte Tomlinson, Earl L. Lee, Educational TV Channel (ETVC), Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), Eric Lundquist, FTM International, Gender Education and Advocacy (GEA), Harry Benjamin, Human Rights Campaign (HRC), IFGE National Convention, Jamie Schoonover, Jennifer Keaveney, Jennifer Rassen, Julian Eltinge, Linda Buten, Matthew Shepard, Merrissa Sherill Lynn, Network Associates, OutReach, Paul Simko, Phyllis Randolph Frye, Powder Puffs of California, Powder Puffs of Orange County (PPOC), Rainbow Gender Association (RGA), S. Kristine James, Sauza Tequila, Srivats Sampath, The Diablo Valley Girls (DVG), The National Transgender Library and Archive, Transgender Lobby Days, Transgender Tapestry, Transvestia, Winslow Street Fund
  2. The Monarch: Canada's Transgender Reader No. 43 (Fall 1996)

    Collection: Xpressions and Monarch Publications
    Institution: Joseph A. Labadie Collection, University of Michigan
    Creator: Gilbert, Miqqi Alicia
    Date: Autumn 1996
    Topics: Arrests, Beauty standards, Books, Clothing, Coming out, Counseling, Courts, Crossdressers, Dancers, Discrimination, Drag, Drag queens, European court of human rights, Events, Femininity, FtMs, Gay pride week, Gender dysphoria, Gender identity, Gender realignment surgery, History, Hormone therapy, Internet, Lawyers, Lectures, Letters to the editor, LGBTI community, Marriage, Media, Murders, Olympic games, Organisations, Police, Rape, Relationships, Representation, Role models, Self-acceptance, Sexuality, Sportspersons, Support groups, Television programmes, Transgender community, Transgender people, Transgender prostitutes, Transgenderism, Transitioning, Transsexual people, Volleyball
    Subject: Alison Laing, Ariadne Kane, Be All, Christine Jorgensen, Deanna Wilkinson, Dennis Rodman, Fantasia Fair, Howard Stern, International Conference on Transgender Law & Employment Policy (ICTLEP), International Foundation for Gender Education (IFGE), Leslie Feinberg, M.A.C. Cosmetics, Michelle DuBarry, Niela Miller, RuPaul, Selman Brahimi, Shawn Keegan, Spouses & Partners International Conference for Education (SPICE), Sydney Mitchell, Tapestry Magazine, Toronto Life, Transgender Warriors: A History of Resistance from Joan of Arc to RuPaul, Valerie Nicole Taylor
  3. The Tartan Skirt: The Scottish Magazine for the Gender Community No. 15 (July 1995)

    Collection: The Tartan Skirt
    Institution: Joseph A. Labadie Collection, University of Michigan
    Creator: Forrester, Anne
    Date: Jul. 1995
    Topics: Appearance, Bathrooms, Clothing, Crossdressers, Crossdressing, Femininity, Gender diversity, Gender dysphoria, Gender realignment surgery, Hormones, Labelling, Law, Marriage, Marriage law, Masculinity, MtFs, Organisations, Passing, Police, Public space, Relationships, Support groups, Surgery, Transgender community, Transgender people, Transitioning, Transsexual people, Travel, Weddings
    Subject: Alison Laing, Crosslynx, Gender Dysphoria Trust International, International Foundation for Gender Education (IFGE), Merissa Sherrill Lynn, The Grampian Gender Group (3G), The Harry Benjamin Standards of Care
  4. Cross-Port InnerView, Vol. 12 No. 8 (August, 1996)

    Collection: Cross-Port InnerView
    Institution: Digital Transgender Archive
    Creator: Cross-Port
    Date: Aug. 1996
    Topics: Cosmetics, Crossdressers, Crossdressing, Defamation campaigns, Discrimination, Femininity, Passing, Prejudices, Sports, Supreme court, Transgender people, Voice therapy
    Subject: Alison Laing, American Educational Gender Information Service, Inc. (AEGIS), Angela Gardner, Be All You Want to Be, Bob Davis, Cincinnati Human Rights Ordinance, Cindy Abel, Congress of Transgender Organizations (CTO), Dennis Rodman, Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), FtM International, GenderPAC, International Conference on Transgender Law & Employment Policy (ICTLEP), International Foundation for Gender Education (IFGE), It's Time America, Linda Buten, Lynn Walker, National Transgender Lobby Day (NTLD), Phyllis Randolph Frye, Renaissance National, Riki Anne Wilchins, Romer V. Evans, RuPaul, Stonewall Cincinnati, Transgender Alliance for Community, Transgender Forum, Transgender Officers Protect and Serve (TOPS), Transsexual Menace, Tri-Ess Society for the Second Self
    Description: Magazine name changed from "Cross-Port" starting with Vol. 1 No. 3 (September, 1985)
  5. The TV-TS Tapestry Journal Issue 72 (Summer, 1995)

    Collection: Transgender Tapestry
    Institution: Human Sexuality Collection, Cornell University
    Creator: Lynn, Merissa Sherrill
    Date: Summer 1995
    Topics: Crossdressers, Crossdressing, Gender, Law, Partners of transgender people, Transgender people, Transsexual people, Transsexualism
    Subject: Alison Laing, The International Congress on Gender, Crossdressing, and Sex Issues
    Description: Also known as: "The TV Tapestry", "The Tapestry", "Tapestry" and "TV/TS Tapestry Journal." ; Magazine name changes to "Transgender Tapestry" starting with issue 74, winter 1995. ; On item: the jour...