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  1. The Second Pretty Mister Contest

    Collection: Fiction
    Institution: Lili Elbe Archive
    Date: 1985
    Topics: Cosmetics, Crossdressers, Crossdressing, Drag, Erotic literature, Heterosexuality, MtFs, Pageants, Passing, Pornography, Rape
  2. TransSisters: The Journal of Transsexual Feminism No. 9 (Summer 1995)

    Collection: TransSisters: The Journal of Transsexual Feminism
    Institution: Transgender Oral History Project
    Creator: Gabriel, Davina Anne, Skyclad Publishing Co.
    Date: 1995
    Topics: Activists, Civil rights, Feminism, Gender realignment surgery, Gender role, MtFs, People with disabilities, Queer theory, Transgender culture, Transgender movement, Transgender people, Transitioning, Transsexual people, Transsexualism, Women's movement
    Subject: Americans with Disabilities Act, Brandon Teena, Civil Rights Act, Full Circle of Women, Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, National Lesbian and Gay Health Conference, New Woman Conference, Pennsylvania Human Relations Act (PHRA), Program in Human Sexuality, Rachel Pollack, S/he, Separatist Convention, Unquestionably Fine
    Description: Contents: Letter to the editor -- Trans-action news -- Telling our stories: our own personal wrinkle -- The suffering behind Premarin -- The disability initiative -- S/he who -- Meet the new boss, ...