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These newsletters and periodicals in the Metamorphosis collection were published by the Metamorphosis Medical Research Foundation and Rupert Raj from 1982-1988. The Metamorphosis publications were intended to be a resource for female-to-male transsexuals. These objects discuss the issues of gender dysphoria, gender realignment surgery, and community acceptance. The newsletters and magazines provided the trans community with resources, personal stories, book and film reviews, and bulletins of important events and medical research as they pertain to the trans community.

From Institution(s): The ArQuives


The Military collection comprises a series of photographs and artifacts relating to the military and service members. Highlights include photographs from a 1942-1945 era show at Bolling Field Airbase and items from a Military Ball put on by the Houston Motorcycle Club.

From Institution(s): Digital Transgender Archive, JD Doyle Archives, Transas City

Monmouth & Ocean News

We have only a few of the newsletters published by the Monmouth Ocean Transgender Group (MOTG). The ten collected here were originally published during the late to mid-1990s. MOTG is an affiliate group of Renaissance Education Association, an organization that is also present in our archive. Significant contributors of the newsletter include Marybeth (no last name found), the editor until 1997 until it switched editorship to Vikki M. The newsletter focused mostly on then-current events and perspectives regarding transgender people, crossdressing practices, the lifestyle of crossdressers, and gendered experiences.

From Institution(s): Joseph A. Labadie Collection, University of Michigan

Mountain Lace

Mountain Lace was the newsletter for a group called Trans West Virginia. Edited by Beverly Williams, each issue covers local meet-ups, events, and local news. This collection currently contains issues from 1991-1993.

From Institution(s): Transgender Archives, University of Victoria