The DTA Starter's Guide offers some advice and suggestions for where to begin learning about trans history on this site.


We have historical materials in dozens of formats, which is a great way to browse our holdings.


Key terms and common topics highlight some of the major themes of the collection and offer a good start for browsing.


Our Race and Ethnicity research guide is a great way to begin learning about how to be an ally.

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Use this map to check out locations that our materials are about––a great way to explore the global reach of trans history.

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Classes are starting and our lab will be opening soon. Here's hoping our students have the enthusiasm of these "British servicemen in drag acting out a cooking class" in the 1910s, courtesy of the @WellcomeLibrary #TransHistoryTuesday #DTALab #WelcomeBack https://www.digitaltransgenderarchive.net/files/8c97kq715
Start off your week like you are at the Mr. Corpus Christi (TX) Pageant in the early 1990s. #transhistory #transpageants https://www.digitaltransgenderarchive.net/files/p2676v75p
In 1916, Yale faculty found it necessary to prohibit men from performing in women's theatrical roles for more than one year. #TransHistoryTuesday #transtheatre #femaleimpersonation Courtesy of JD Doyle