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All Dressed Up: A Boardgame for Crossdressers, available courtesy of @lgbtq_history, was created with the hope to provide players "a better understanding of who and what they are through self expression and by interacting with other players." Check it out! https://www.digitaltransgenderarchive.net/files/7d278t31k
On June 28, 1969, Stonewall Inn was violently raided by the NYPD. Patrons of the bar and other lesbian and gay bars in the Village, as well as unhoused youths who slept in nearby Christopher Park, rose up against the police in what is now known as the Stonewall uprising. (1/3)
The Button Collection at the DTA reflects the long history of #2SLGBTQIA people using buttons, pins, and patches to take pride in their identities. #Pride #TransHistory View on the DTA, courtesy of @TheArQuives: https://www.digitaltransgenderarchive.net/files/8623hz01z