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Adam's Word

Adam's Word was a monthly newsletter of The Adam Society, a non-profit support group for female-to-male crossdressers, transsexuals, and their significant others. This collection contains 6 issues of the newsletter and 2 meeting notices. A typical Adam's Word publication includes information concerning transitioning, support groups, books with trans content (sometimes accompanied by a review), and various reflections from contributors regarding events and conferences they attended. Some pieces in the newsletter are reprinted from other publications such as The Tartan Skirt or The Seahorse Newsletter.



AEGIS News was published by the American Educational Gender Information Service, Inc., from 1994 through 1998. Dallas Denny founded AEGIS News in October, 1990. These thirteen newsletters broadly address issues concerning the crossdresser and transgender community. More specifically, articles include the topics of passing, hormone therapy, and political movements.


AEGIS Publications

Between 1990 and 1998, the American Educational Gender Informational Service, Inc. published materials including medical bulletins, pamphlets, articles, and results from research. The topics covered in these publications include gender identity in a medical context, gender realignment surgery, hormone therapy, and health-related risks during and after transitioning.


Alison Laing's Early Photo Album No. 1

These thirty-six photos, taken from 1956 to 1965 by an unknown photographer (likely Dottie Laing), make up one of Alison Laing’s personal photo albums. These photographs capture her travels to various locations, as well as her attire for events. Alison Laing later became a founder of the Renaissance Transgender Association. She also served a term as director of the International Foundation for Gender Education (IFGE) and she directed Fantasia Fair for a number of years.


Alison Laing's Photographs

These photographs, primarily taken by unknown photographers with a few taken by Mariette Pathy Allen, document Alison Laing speaking, performing, and interacting with others at various events such as Fantasia Fairs and IFGE Houston. They feature a variety of trans activists, including Dottie Laing, Dallas Denny, Ariadne Kane, JoAnn Roberts, and Virginia Prince. This collection also includes professional portraits of Alison and Dottie Laing.


Arizona Queer Archives Finding Aids

This collection includes two finding aids from the Arizona Queer Archives: the Wingspan LGBT Community Center Collection and the Fly Away Zine Mobile Collection. Both finding aids detail the trans-related holdings currently processed at the Arizona Queer Archives.


Art and Illusion: A Guide to Crossdressing

This collection contains several books from 1986 through 2000 that were created by JoAnn Roberts and published by Creative Design Services. These books give advice for crossdressers on passing, including topics such as makeup, clothing, and feminine behavior. This collection also includes a poster advertising a Gala Celebration and Drag Show hosted by Walk on the Wildside to announce the release of one of JoAnn Roberts’ Art & Illusion books, as well as the release of Jackie Loren’s makeup video.


Art Works

This collection contains various art pieces that depict scenes of historical gender diversity. Current holdings include "Dance to the Berdache" and "Il Femminiello," two pieces from vastly different contexts in the 18th and 19th centuries.


"As a Woman" by Barry Kay

"As a Woman" is a collection of 17 photos taken between 1974-1975 by Barry Kay that were featured in his photographic essay book, As a Woman (1985). These photographs are one of the multiple collections from the Transas City website. The book features photographs of crossdressers and transsexuals living in Sydney, Australia, detailing the everyday life of those depicted.


Audio and Video Segments

A multi-institution collection of audio and video segments.


Berg and Høeg Photographs

Marie Høeg (1866-1949) and Bolette Berg (1872-1944) were Norwegian photographers from Horton, Norway. Marie, the more outgoing of the two, was an active women's rights advocate who also enjoyed crossdressing in private. A private collection of photographs form the Berg and Høeg photography studio primarily shows Marie, with occasional appearances of Bolette, crossdressing in various fashions. These photographs show Marie's willingness to digress from and contradict social norms.


Boys Will Be Boys

Boys Will Be Boys operated out of Sydney, Australia, and explored the FtM experience in the early 1990s. These eight monthly newsletters include reflections from regular contributors as well as various letters to the editor from subscribers.


Button Collection

These buttons and pins are from multiple institutions and include a variety of symbols related to the LGBTI community. This collection includes pins from Alison Laing, who is an activist involved in a number of trans rights organizations and events.


Casa Susanna Photographs

From the mid-1950s until 1969, Susanna and her wife Marie operated two resorts for masculine-to-feminine cross-dressers in upstate New York—the Chevalier d’Eon from about 1955 to 1963 and Casa Susanna from 1964 to 1969—and hosted soirees in their New York City apartment. Guests spent the weekends reveling in the freedom to dress in women’s clothing and accessories—something they could not do in day-to-day life—talking, performing skits, sharing fashion and makeup tips, and photographing one another. The Casa Susanna collection—340 photographs found by Michel Hurst and Robert Swope at a flea market in 2004—are now part of the Art Gallery of Ontario’s (AGO) collection. Located in Toronto, the AGO’s collection spans the history of the medium—both the acknowledged canon of photography as well as the broader scope of the medium, and the key role it has played in our visual culture. This collection currently includes a finding aid with image thumbnails; it will also eventually include links to the full images.


Charlotte McLeod Collection

The items in the Charlotte McLeod Colleciton pertain to the transition and subsequent life of Charlotte McLeod, the second woman in the United States to undergo a gender realignment surgery that became known to the general public. The collection contains four photographs, one full autobiographical article, and thirty-seven news clippings. Nearly all of the materials discuss McLeod in relation to Christine Jorgensen, the first woman to receive gender realignment surgery. Other topics include jobs had by McLeod and paparazzi encounters.


Chi Chapter Tribune

The Chi Chapter Tribune, also known as the Chi Tribune until February 1997, was a newsletter created in Chicago, IL. The newsletter was sent out to local members of the Tri-Ess Society, a social and support group for cross-dressers and their families.


Christine Jorgensen Collection

This collection features materials related to Christine Jorgensen, the first person in the United States to become widely known for having gender realignment surgery. The collection includes newspaper clippings, one video, and photographs created between the 1950s and the early 1980s. Including both press coverage and candid photographs, the collection depicts Jorgensen's public life as well as her personal life.


Chrysalis Quarterly

Chrysalis Quarterly was published by AEGIS, the Atlanta Educational Gender Information Service (renamed the American Educational Gender Information Service, Inc.) from 1991 until 1998. The complete run is 12 issues, which are included in this collection. With the start of the second volume (in 1995), Chrysalis Quarterly changed its name to Chrysalis: The Journal of Transgressive Gender Identities. Each issue has a different theme, but overall the issues mainly focus on the exploration of gender and gender expression. Themes of Chrysalis Quarterly issues include topics such as transitioning and its associated health concerns, gender discrimination, transgender family relationships, intersex people, and transsexualism in various spiritual traditions.


Clothing Collection

The Clothing collection includes wearable items from around the world that pertain to transgender history. Highlights include Wearing Gay History T-Shirt items and a chest binder.


Country Queers Oral History Interviews

Country Queers is a multi-media oral history project documenting the diverse experiences of rural, small town, and country LGBTQI folks in the U.S.A through audio recordings, transcriptions, and photographs. They are gathering stories from every state in the U.S. in order to document how experiences of country queerness are similar, and how they differ based on race, class, age, ability, gender identity, immigration status and other parts of our identities. The two transcripts in this collection are from interviews conducted for the Country Queers project in 2013 and 2014.


Creative Design Services Miscellaneous Documents

Assembled here are miscellaneous official and legal documents and event pamphlets and programs related to Creative Design Services from 1989 through 1998. The event programs discuss social activities clubs, crossdressers, hormone therapy, and passing. The various documents include a royalty agreement for The Transsexual’s Survival Guide, a certificate of copyright registration for A Bill of Gender Rights, a letter from JoAnn Roberts regarding an order to Japan, and an informational resources document on the internet written by JoAnn Roberts.


Creative Design Services Publications

This collection contains an assortment of books and other materials from 1989 through 2004 that were published by Creative Design Services, a publishing business owned by JoAnn Roberts. These broadly address topics in crossdressing and transitioning. The topics of individual books include the risks and benefits of hormone therapy, having relationships as a crossdresser, managing one’s legal identity, and self-help voice training for passing. Authors featured in this collection are JoAnn Roberts, Dallas Denny, Alison Laing, and Delia Van Maris.


Cross-Port InnerView

The Cross-Port InnerView monthly newsletter documents the monthly meetings as well as the experiences of the members of Cross-Port, a support group for crossdressers, trans people, and their partners in Cincinnati, Ohio. Cross-Port was founded in the summer of 1985 and continues to run today. This collection represents a thorough look into the lived experiences of crossdressers and trans people in the greater Cincinnati area.


Cross-Talk: The Gender Community’s News & Information Monthly

Cross-Talk: The Gender Community’s News & Information Monthly was a public service magazine that began in September 1988 and ended in November 1996. The publication was affiliated with the American Educational Gender Information Service (AEGIS) and was published and edited by Kymberleigh Richards. Each issue contains approximately 40 pages of gender community news coverage, personal narratives, fictional stories, event calendars, original cartoons and humor features, resources on traditional feminine gender passing, and more.


CSUN Finding Aids

Special Collections & Archives at California State University, Northridge maintains six collections of trans-related materials, many of which were donated thanks to the work of Vern and Bonnie Bullough. All six finding aids are included in this collection.


Désirée Hafstad, Skeivopedia, and Kim Frieles Online Materials

This online collection of Norwegian trans history materials includes advertisements, programs, and articles. The collection includes advertisements for the Christmas show "Merry Kitschmas" and the camp culture music talent show "Melodi kvasi Grand Prix." The collection also contains short articles on topics such as trans periodicals, activist organizations, an 18th century "female marriage," and press coverage of Christine Jorgensen.



Drag was a magazine published throughout the 1970s and 1980s by Lee's Mardi Gras Enterprises, Inc. This collection contains 29 issues published between 1971 and 1983 and a special supplement edition published in 1975. Each issue of the magazine generally includes a mix of articles, editorials, and photo spreads of drag queens. The issues featured in this collection cover a range of topics related to crossdressing and drag, such as drag balls, civil rights demonstrations, and profiles of popular drag queens.


Duke University Finding Aids

The David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library holds three collections with significant trans-related content: the Mariette Pathy Allen Photographs and Papers, the Mama Galore Drag Photograph Album, and the Dawn Langley Simmons Papers. The three finding aids are included in this collection.


Early Books

These books, published between 1922 and 1972 (or unpublished), showcase a wide range of coverage of trans-related issues.


East Coast FTM Group Organizational Records

The East Coast FTM Group was a support group that ran during the 1990s for FtMs––including transsexuals, crossdressers, and transgender people––and their partners. The collection includes serial publications concerning the group meetings, posters, press releases, and organization directories. The collection also contains correspondence between Bet Power and various other figures related to the East Coast FTM group. Also featured are photographs for Leslie Feinberg's book Transgender Warriors.


En Femme Publications

This collection contains 27 En Femme publications, including 24 issues of En Femme Magazine, two En Femme Comics, and one En Femme Fiction Magazine from 1987 through 1991. These publications pertain to topics such as crossdressing, transgender culture, gender identity and civil rights. These periodicals contain comic strips, letters to the editor, fictional stories, film reviews, interviews, and photographs.



An open collection for written or printed memorabilia intended for short-term use.


Erickson Educational Foundation Newsletter

This collection contains twenty newsletters published by the Erickson Educational Foundation (EEF) between 1968 and 1983. The EEF was founded in 1964 by Reed Erickson to provide funding and support for research on transsexualism. Among the many organizations funded by the EEF were the Harry Benjamin Foundation and the Johns Hopkins Gender Identity Clinic, both of which appear in numerous articles in the newsletters. Overall, the newsletters in the collection cover a wide variety of topics pertaining to the trans community, especially with regards to legal decisions in American courts, psychological research, and conferences on gender issues.


Erickson Educational Foundation Online Materials

This collection contains fourteen pamphlets originally published by the Erickson Educational Foundation (EEF) from 1965 to 1977. The pamphlets were published as educational tools for transgender people and others seeking information, including family, medical professionals, those in the helping professions. The pamphlets include a range of content, including technical advice from professionals, clerical opinions, information for law enforcement officers, and personal accounts from the family members of transgender people.



The Fanfare magazine collection contains sixteen issues ranging from 1986 to 1988 published in South Africa by The Phoenix Society. The subject matter includes self-acceptance, familial and romantic relationships, transitioning, physical appearance, and gender roles. These subjects are portrayed in personal stories, letters to the editor, the reprinting of news articles from around the world, poetry, and art.


Fantasia Fair: Advertisements

Fantasia Fair is a convention for crossdressers held annually in Provincetown, Massachusetts since 1974. This collection contains advertisements for the fairs, brochures containing registration information and event descriptions, one order form for video cassettes from Fantasia Fair programming, and general announcements from 1976-1997. These printed materials give potential participants an overview of workshops, speakers, and leisure activities at the Fair.


Fantasia Fair: Miscellaneous Documents

Founded in 1975 by Ariadne Kane, Fantasia Fair is an annual week-long conference in Provincetown, MA, to explore issues relevant to the trans community. This collection encompasses the various miscellaneous documents from the overarching Fantasia Fair Collection, including materials such as tickets for the various Fantasia Fair events, documents from the 25th Anniversary Alumnae Program, advertisements from non-Fan Fair entities, and three Participant Profiles, to highlight a few.


Fantasia Fair: Newsletters

Beginning in 1975 as an annual week-long conference in Provincetown, MA, Fantasia Fair served as a way for male crossdressers to explore the many changing facets of the crossgender lifestyle. This collection contains runs of FanFair Gazette (1991), Femme Fare (1970s-1980s), and FanFair Newsletters (1996). Generally, the newsletters were distributed each day of the fair and cover daily scheduling, information regarding future fair events and seminars, as well as short articles.


Fantasia Fair: Photographs

These photographs were taken at Fantasia Fair, an annual week-long conference in Provincetown, MA, where participants spend a week exploring issues relevant to the trans community. This collection includes photographs from three decades, 1970-1990.


Fantasia Fair: Programs, Participant Guides, and Directories

Fantasia Fair is an annual event in Provincetown, Massachusetts that involves workshops, seminars, and entertainment for the crossdresser community. Within this collection there are 13 program guides, 4 directories, 13 participants’ guides, and 6 yearbooks from the Fantasia Fairs dating from October 1977 to 2001. These items provide schedules and photographs, as well as information on passing techniques, feminine beauty standards, and relationships.


Female Mimics

These 20 issues of Female Mimics were published between 1963 and 1979. They feature photographs and profiles of “female impersonators.” Read more about the history and significance of Female Mimics Magazine in an article by Bob Davis and Carol Kleinmaier in a 1995 "Ssshhh!: The Newsletter of the National Transgender Library & Archive" newsletter:


Female Mimics International

Published between 1980 and 1999, these 110 issues of Female Mimics International feature photographs of famous drag queens, coverage of prominent events in the trans community, letters to the editor, personal ads, and fictional stories.


Gender Networker

These two publications of Gender Networker, created by Rupert Raj, MD, provide a print resource for professionals servicing the trans community. These newsletters focus on gender dysphoria and mental and physical healthcare for transsexuals and include reviews of relevant research and media as they pertain to the trans community.


GenderFlex: A Polygenderous Publication

This collection contains 8 issues of the publication, GenderFlex. GenderFlex is a quirky publication revolving around the informally-written and oftentimes political musings of the editor Billie Jean Jones concerning trans-related current events and community cultures in the 1990s. GenderFlex often deals with the differences and interactions between TV’s, CD’s, and TS’s and the complexities surrounding the early emergence of the term “transgender.” GenderFlex also includes various pieces from its contributors writing about specific elements of the trans experience in the 90s and their own personal reflections.



These six publications of GenderServe, published by the Canadian “counseling, education, and research service” of the same name, are newsletters intended to provide information about and for the trans community. These newsletters include short bulletins on recent significant publications and upcoming events pertaining to the trans community, articles about the GenderServe, Gender Review, and FACT organizations and their reorganization.


GLBT Historical Society Finding Aids

The GLBT Historical Society has extensive holdings of trans-related historical materials. This collection includes 15 finding aids, which only partially capture the archival collections held there. The "Trans-Related Holdings at the GLBT Historical Society" collection guide is an additional supplement to help researchers discover trans materials in this far-reaching collection.


GLBT Historical Society Oral History Transcripts

This collection contains transcripts of oral histories published by the GLBT Historical Society that were created between 1994 and 2004. The people interviewed reflect upon their personal experiences during the twentieth century, as well as specific organizations and events that they viewed as important within the gay and trans communities. Common themes throughout these transcripts include health care, interactions with police, nightlife, sexuality and identity, poverty, civil rights movements, and religion.


Grace and Lace Letter

Grace and Lace Letter was "an evangelical Christian publication for crossdressers, transgendered, and transsexuals" published in Jackson, Mississippi. This collection contains 2 quarterly international newsletters, a retrospective newsletter, and a brochure from the 1990s. These objects cover issues of religious acceptance and self-acceptance, and relate bible verses to personal experiences of crossdressing and trans-ing gender.


Hermaphrodites with Attitude

This collection contains 13 issues of Hermaphrodites with Attitude, the newsletter of the Intersex Society of North America (ISNA). Hermaphrodites with Attitude was published semi-periodically from 1995-2005 and eventually began to refer to itself as ISNA News in 2001. The mission of the newsletter and ISNA more generally was to build "a world free of shame, secrecy, and unwanted genital surgeries for people born with atypical sex anatomies." This collection explores issues surrounding surgical normalization, gender assignment, biological diversity, and autonomy.


Human Sexuality Collection Finding Aids

Representing the wide range of materials housed at Cornell University's Human Sexuality Collection, this collection includes 32 finding aids for their archival collections.


In Your Face

These 5 newsletters, titled “In Your Face: Political Activism Against Gender Oppression,” were published as inserts in magazines between 1995 and 1997. They highlight acts of anti-trans discrimination and violence around the United States and the world, and provide information about protests, lobbying efforts, and other political action in response to this discrimination.


Informational and Event Brochures

This diverse collection includes provides information about many different trans-related topics, including activist and social organizations. The collection also provides brochures and registration forms for various trans-related events held between 1988 and 1999.


International Conference on Transgender Law and Employment Policy: Annual Proceedings and Newsletters

Trans activist Phyllis Randolph Frye created and hosted the annual International Conference on Transgender Law and Employment Policy (ICTLEP) in Houston, Texas between 1992 and 1997. Frye writes: "ICTLEP has held six annual conferences...dealing with issues of transgender law and employment policy. Each year (except year six) many of the reports and presentations are transcribed by court reporters and are published along with other relevant documents to become that year’s printed and bound Proceedings book. These are "THE" REFERENCE BOOKS to begin serious study of transgender legal issues and of progressive strategies for legal changes!" This collection contains 118 objects (legal articles, court cases, and transcribed speeches) from the conferences’ Proceedings books, three objects describing the history of ICTLEP and the contents of the books, and two ICTLEP newsletters. These materials address trans people’s legal rights in terms of health care, marriage, imprisonment, military service, housing, and employment. Many discuss empowerment through coming out, and through activist participation in the transgender movement. Read more about the history of ICTLEP:


International Foundation for Gender Education Publications and Documents

The newsletters, transcripts, and catalog in this collection were published by the International Foundation for Gender Education between 1987 and 1997. “I.F.G.E. publications are designed to be a source of information, support, and friendship for all persons interested in crossdressing and transsexualism, and to persons affected by those phenomenon.” Other miscellaneous items were part of Alison Laing's personal collection of I.F.G.E.-related documents.


International TranScript

This small International TranScript collection includes five periodicals published by Creative Design Services from 1991 through 1992. The publication's articles discuss experiences of crossdressers along with tips for passing and being politically active. This collection covers a variety of geographical locations including New York, California, and Canada.


JD Doyle Photographs (1900-1949)

The JD Doyle Photograph Collection contains a wide variety of photographs collected from across the JD Doyle Archives and spans over 100 years between the 19th and 20th centuries.


JD Doyle Photographs (1950-2000)

The JD Doyle Photograph Collection contains a wide variety of photographs collected from across the JD Doyle Archives and spans over 100 years between the 19th and 20th centuries.


JD Doyle Photographs (Pre-1900)

The JD Doyle Photograph Collection contains a wide variety of photographs collected from across the JD Doyle Archives and spans over 100 years between the 19th and 20th centuries.


Jean-Nickolaus Tretter Collection Finding Aids

The Jean-Nickolaus Tretter Collection contains finding aids for six collections from different transgender community organizations and trans activist donors that are held at the University of Minnesota Libraries. The materials in these collections include publications, magazines, news articles, personal records, and various other documents from these organizations. Topics of these collections touch on trans activism, research, and pertinent information for the trans community.


José Gutierrez Collection

These eight photographs provide a unique glimpse into the Latino trans and crossdressing communities in the 1990s. Six of the photographs were created by José Gutierrez and present people in various Latino drag competitions including Miss Gay Mexico and Miss Gay Escalando. The other two photos depict Gutierrez; in one, Gutierrez poses with Sylvia Rivera at a Stonewall Riots anniversary and, in the other, Gutierrez poses with a photo of José Sarria.


The Journal of Gender Studies

The Outreach Institute of Gender Studies published these six volumes of The Journal of Gender Studies between 1991 and 1995. They include scholarly articles, book and art reviews, as well as poetry. Subjects covered throughout the periodical include legal, medical, and social issues faced by transgender and intersex people.


Kentucky History

These fifteen items––ten photographs, a poster, two cards, and two newspaper clippings––provide a glimpse into 20th century transgender-related history in Kentucky. The photographs and cards depict a wide range of practices of trans-ing gender and other materials in the collection present information on events involving drag.



These 71 issues of LadyLike Magazine were published between 1987 and 2007 by Creative Design Services. They feature profiles on crossdressers and transgender people, photographs contributed by readers, letters to the editor, film reviews, makeup and clothing tutorials, fictional short stories, and personal articles. These periodicals especially focus on qualities of femininity.


Leather Archives Finding Aids

The Leather Archives Finding Aids Collection consists of three different finding aids for the papers of three prominent figures in the BDSM community: Beau Lee James, Jan Hall, and Justin Tanis. The materials in this collection provide insight into the varying sexual expressions that transcend both sexuality and gender identity. Items listed in the finding aids include publications, personal correspondence, physical objects, artwork, and educational materials.


Lee's Mardi Gras Fiction Books

These five short booklets of fiction are from 1975 through the 1980s. Most of the stories focus on the narrator’s first experiences with crossdressing and their subsequent sexual encounters. They also incorporate some elements of fantasy and focus on themes related to crossdressing, such as passing.


Letters from Female Impersonators

This periodical, published by Nutrix Co. between 1961 and 1963, is comprised of photographs and letters written by female impersonators. Common themes throughout these letters include a desire for community and acceptance, a lack of access to medical treatment and legal rights, and personal experiences with crossdressing.


LGBT Community Center Finding Aids

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center provides support to member of LGBT communities of New York City. This collection includes seven finding aids that cover themes such as crossdressing, court cases, and interviews. The materials discuss certain important figures such as Rollerena Fairy Godmother, Rudy Grillo, and Judy Greenspan.


The Linda and Cynthia Phillips Papers

The Linda and Cynthia Phillips Papers document the couple’s efforts to educate other transgender singles and couples based on experience gained in their own relationship. The materials also reflect the Phillips’ active involvement in raising awareness of transgender culture among the general population. Included are newsletters, articles, correspondence, and other print materials collected during the time of their affiliation with the Boulton and Park Society. Of particular interest is a nearly complete run of Gender Euphoria, the Boulton and Park Society newsletter from 1987 to 1999.


Lou Sullivan/Ben Power Correspondence

The Lou Sullivan/Ben Power Correspondence collection consists of 37 items, including letters, cards, envelopes, notes, and still-image photographs. This correspondence is between Lou Sullivan (influential FTM activist and founder of FTM International) and Ben Power (founder/facilitator of the East Coast FTM Group, curator of the Sexual Minorities Archives, and founder/executive director of the Sexual Minorities Educational Foundation, Inc.). In this powerful and intimate exchange, Sullivan and Power discuss relationships, gender identity, sexuality, and emotional advice/support.


Lynn Edward Harris Photographs

The photographs in this collection depict moments in the personal life of Lynn Edward Harris (1950- ), a prominent intersex person known for his acting, lecturing, and later activism work. This collection, hosted by the ONE Archives at the University of Southern California Libraries, contains photos from throughout his life–from his childhood years when he was raised as a female, through his later years when he began living publicly as a male. These photographs cover various ages of Harris from 1954 through 2000, including four photographs from his childhood, two photographs from his early acting portfolio, and several pictures from his adult life.



These newsletters and periodicals in the Metamorphosis collection were published by the Metamorphosis Medical Research Foundation and Rupert Raj from 1982-1988. The Metamorphosis publications were intended to be a resource for female-to-male transsexuals. These objects discuss the issues of gender dysphoria, gender realignment surgery, and community acceptance. The newsletters and magazines provided the trans community with resources, personal stories, book and film reviews, and bulletins of important events and medical research as they pertain to the trans community.



The Military collection comprises a series of photographs and one playbill. These artifacts come from a show put on by and for the soldiers at the Bolling Field Airbase during World War II, circa 1942–1945. The play, "Look At Us Now", provides an elaborate example of crossdressing, not only in times of war, but in the military more broadly.


Milwaukee Transgender Oral History Project Interviews

The Milwaukee Transgender Oral History Project Interviews collection contains seven interviews with activists from the Milwaukee transgender community. Each listing in the collection contains a link to both an audio recording of an interview and a written transcript. These interviews, conducted by Dr. Brice Smith in 2011, address the nature of the early Milwaukee transgender movement and individual experiences transitioning.


Miscellaneous Finding Aids

The Miscellaneous Finding Aids collection includes finding aids from various locations that are not associated with a particular institution.


Miscellaneous Photographs

Included in this collection are photographs of individuals and photographs from conferences, gatherings, and events.


Newspaper and Periodical Clippings (1900-1949)

Clippings from newspapers and, to a lesser extent, periodicals, published between 1900 and 1949.


Newspaper and Periodical Clippings (1950-2000)

This collection contains clippings from newspapers and, to a much lesser extent, periodicals, published starting in 1950 and continuing through the 1990s. Topics discussed in the articles include early gender realignment surgeries, marriages of transgender individuals, artistic representations of transgender characters, and legal issues faced by the trans community.


Newspaper and Periodical Clippings (Pre 1900)

Early clippings from newspapers and, to a lesser extent, periodicals, published before 1900.


ONE Archives Finding Aids

This collection comprises 32 finding aids that describe the extensive trans-related archival collections at the ONE Archives at the USC Libraries.


ONE Archives Online Materials

This assortment of pictures and audio files is hosted online by the ONE Archives at the University of Southern California Libraries. Within the collection, there are a variety of photos from the early 1900s through 2000. Notably, there are ten pictures of Latino gay activist Jose Sarria participating in a drag show at the Black Cat Bar in San Francisco, California. Overall, the photos capture diverse events such as AIDS fundraisers, gay prides in the United States, and drag shows.


Our Sorority: An Outreach Publication

These newsletters, published between 1986 and 1990 by The Outreach Institute, promote different events and resources for the crossdressing community. These publications also include fictional stories, personal writings, advice on makeup and fashion, photographs from the annual Fantasia Fair, and articles on community issues.


Outreach Newsletter/Outreach Beacon

The Human Outreach and Achievement Institute, founded by Ari Kane, worked to “serve as a resource for helping professionals, crossdressers, androgynes and transsexuals.” It published these 10 quarterly newsletters between 1985 and 1989 in order to share scholarly articles, news pieces about annual gender-related conferences, personal pieces about family dynamics, and book reviews.


Phyllis Frye's Miscellaneous Documents

This collection contains the International Bill of Gender Rights, an employer’s handbook for addressing employees’ gender transitioning, the Gay Agenda of the LGBTIQA Community of Houston, law reviews by Phyllis Frye, and biographical materials about Phyllis Frye. These 14 objects were created between 1991 and 2015, and they provide information about the transgender movement, legal issues surrounding marriage and parenting, and information on many types of discrimination. Frye grants unrestricted permission for use of these materials with the purpose to "encourage people to know more of this history" (


Phyllis Frye's Photographs

Phyllis Randolph Frye is the first openly transgender judge in the United States. She is also a US Army veteran, a licensed engineer, an attorney, and a prominent trans activist. This collection, containing 11 photographs and 1 certificate from the US Army, documents her life journey between 1962 and 2006. It reflects her life before transitioning as well as her important role in the movement for transgender rights. Frye grants unrestricted permission for use of these materials with the purpose to "encourage people to know more of this history" (


Reed Erickson Photographs

These photos come from the ONE Archives at the University of Southern California Libraries. The ten photographs in this collection are of the well-known transsexual philanthropist and activist, Reed Erickson. The collection includes both black and white and color photos, ranging from approximately 1928 to approximately 1969. Some of the photographs are portraits of Erickson as an adult and a teenager, while others include him with his family, friends, or pet leopard.


Renaissance News

Renaissance News, which became Renaissance News & Views in 1994, was a longstanding publication, “mostly about the lifestyle of crossdressing with short pieces on politics.” This publication was created by the Renaissance Education Association (later the Renaissance Transgender Association) and published by Creative Design Services. Significant contributors include JoAnn Roberts and Angela Gardner. The newsletter focused mostly on relevant current events and politics, crossdressing practices, and the lifestyle of crossdressers. This collection includes a complete run of the first 9 volumes, which were published monthly from 1987–1995. The collection ends in 1999, but the newsletter changed its name to Transgender Community News as well as its format and continued until the early 2000s.


Rex Maniscalco Collection of Bobby Smith Photographs

These photographs all depict various drag queens and other members of the LGBTQIA community in Tampa. Most of the photographs were taken by Bobby Smith, but a few were provided by Donald Bentz and collector Rex Maniscalco. These photographs include professional headshots, candid shots at bars and in homes, and pictures of drag queens in performance settings. Although most of the photographs are not dated, the few that are dated indicate that the majority of these photographs were taken in the 1950s.


Riki Anne Wilchins' Flyers

Activist Riki Anne Wilchins founded the direct action group The Transexual Menace and the organization Hermaphrodites With Attitude, as well as the Gender Public Advocacy Coalition (GenderPAC), and created the newsletter In Your Face: Political Activism Against Gender Oppression. This collection of Wilchins' flyers from the 1990s advocate for trans rights, condemn offensive behavior, and illuminate acts of violence and intolerance. Related link to In Your Face newsletters:


San Francisco Public Library Finding Aids

In addition to the Louis G. Sullivan Papers from the GLBT Historical Society, there are seven collections held by the James C. Hormel Gay & Lesbian Center at the San Francisco Public Library that have a significant amount trans-related materials.


Schlesinger Library Finding Aids

The Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America has five collections that contain a significant amount of trans-related materials. Finding aids for all five collections are included here.


Sexology Articles

This collection contains three articles from the magazine Sexology from the early 1950s that relate to crossdressing and the transgender community. These articles cover a range of topics, from the differences between crossdressers and transsexual people to gender realignment surgery to the life of the famous aristocratic crossdresser François-Timoléon de Choisy.


Sexual Minorities Archives Finding Aids

The Sexual Minorities Archives maintains a diverse collection of transgender-related content spread across its various media: special collections, art, magazines, books, videos, subject files and more. Five finding aids for special collections with significant trans-themed content are included here along with a pathfinder that provides an overview of trans content throughout the SMA.


Sheet Music

A unique collection of sheet music featuring male and female impersonators from the 19th and early 20th centuries.



Shhhh! was originally published as a part of AEGIS News to report updates specific to the National Transgender Library & Archive. This collection contains three one-page newsletters from 1994 and the first and only full-length Shhhh! newsletter from 1995. In general, the newsletters discuss literature on crossdressing, gender realignment surgery, and prominent figures in transgender history.


Short Run Periodicals

This is a catchall collection of periodicals that were published between the 1950s and the 1990s. Though this collection only includes a few issues of particular publications, most had much longer runs that have not yet been digitized.


South Africa Media Coverage (via Gender Dynamix)

This collection contains five objects published from 1988-1996 from various South African media outlets including Femina Magazine, The Sunday Star, YOU Magazine, and Playboy Magazine South Africa. The articles and letters to the editor describe personal transgender experiences including transitioning, societal and familial acceptance, sexuality, and gender identity. This collection was submitted by Liesl Theron from her work at Gender Dynamix.


Stanford University Finding Aids

The Special Collections at Stanford University is home to multiple collections with trans-related material, including the "Suits Me: The Double Life of Billy Tipton" Research and Production Records.


Texas A&M University Finding Aids

This collection comprises finding aids from the Texas A&M University Library. The finding aids detail several collections of materials relating to prominent figures such as Phyllis Frye and Kevin Bailey. Also included are several finding aids from Texas A&M University's LGBTQ Archive, which document student organizations and social life for LGBTQ students, and one finding aid for a collection of zines.


Tiffany Club Documents

This collection includes eleven documents from May 1978 to December 1978 pertaining to the Tiffany Club, a social club in the greater Boston area for cross-dressers, their families, and friends. Merissa Sherrill Lynn, the founder, held the Tiffany Club’s first organizational meeting in her home on November 26, 1978. The collection includes Lynn’s outreach letters, which discuss her hopes and plans for the club, as well as logistical concerns such as the club’s location, finances, and goals. The collection also contains Lynn’s account of the first meeting’s minutes. Other documents in this collection include an annotated copy of the Kay Mayflower Society’s constitution, a draft of the Tiffany Club’s constitution, and a typed explanation of the club’s name and symbol.


Transas City Photographs (1950-2000)

The people depicted in these photos include some of the earliest high-profile transsexual women from 1950-1980, as well as many female impersonators who performed during the 1960s. One half of the collection portrays the height of glamour with various headshots and modeling photoshoots while the other half depicts trans women in their day-to-day lives. Like our other Transas City collection, these photos cover multiple places around the world, including the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and cities in the U.S. like Kansas City, Kansas, the namesake of the institution.


Transas City Photographs (Pre-1950)

The photos compiled in this collection originate before 1950 and can be found on the Transas City blog. Though a small collection, the photos depict a variety of subjects from MtF performers to some early pioneering transsexual women. The people photographed hail from a range of places such as Germany, the United Kingdom, and Australia.


Transgender Archives Finding Aids–University of Victoria, British Columbia

The Transgender Archives at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, is the world’s largest collection of rare print, archival documents and ephemera relating to the history of pioneering activists, community leaders, and researchers who have contributed to the betterment of transgender and gender nonconforming people. Located in the University of Victoria Libraries Special Collections & University Archives, our extensive holdings continue to grow and include the following: rare books and periodicals, from community newsletters to academic texts; archives of Ari Kane and Fantasia Fair; barbara findlay, Q.C. (Queen's Counsel); International Foundation for Gender Education; Reed Erickson; Rikki Swin; Stephanie Castle and the Zenith Foundation; and Virginia Prince; as well as the University of Ulster TGA collection (the largest collection of transgender research materials prior to the 2011 founding of the Transgender Archives at the University of Victoria). For more information, go to:


Transgender Tapestry

Founded by Merissa Sherrill Lynn, Transgender Tapestry was a magazine published from the late 1970s to the early 2000s by the Tiffany Club and later by the International Foundation for Gender Education (IFGE). The publication went through several names changes including "The TV-TS Tapestry," "Tapestry," and "The Tapestry Journal." This collection includes 106 issues including both newsletters and quarterly periodicals from 1979 to 2008 . Each issue of this magazine covers a variety of topics such as crossdressing, transsexualism, health care, political movements, film reviews, and so much more.


TransSisters: The Journal of Transsexual Feminism

TransSisters: The Journal of Transsexual Feminism was created by Davina Anne Gabriel and published by Skyclad Publishing Co. throughout 1994 and 1995. Its statement of purpose reads: “In recognition of the fact that transsexual persons have been systematically silenced, marginalized, maligned and even brutalized, not only within mainstream society, but also even within feminist philosophy and culture, TransSisters: The Journal of Transsexual Feminism has been created to further the process of defining ourselves and creating our own reality, rather than allowing others to do so.” These periodicals feature articles, letters to the editor, book reviews, cartoons, photographs, and artwork. Issues covered include feminism, activism, the transgender movement, the women’s movement, transphobia, discrimination, and civil rights.


Tretter Transgender Oral History Project

The Tretter Transgender Oral History Project, part of the Jean-Nickolaus Tretter Collection at the University of Minnesota, aims to empower individuals to tell their story while providing students, historians, and the public with a richer foundation of primary source material about the transgender community. This collection currently provides access to more than a dozen oral histories of trans-identified persons; however, these are only the first of approximately 200 total interviews that the project plans to create.


Turnabout Publications

This collection contains three Turnabout Magazines and seven fictional Turnabout Books, published by Abbé de Choisy Press and Wholesale Book Corporation between 1965 and 1969. The magazines consist of articles, fictional stories, photographs, art and literature reviews, and makeup tips. The books, written by Nan Gilbert and Siobhan Fredericks, tell fictional stories about the experiences of crossdressing, particularly focusing on the concept of “petticoat punishment.” One book, titled Transvestite Post-Box, is a compilation of stories submitted by readers about similar issues of femininity, masculinity, and sexuality.


Twenty Minutes

These newsletters were published by The XX Club from 1988 to 1997. The newsletter was originally titled “Twenty Minutes” but was rebranded “Twenty” in 1991. These publications provided information to, and support for, members of the transgender community by publishing personal accounts as well as academic writings. Topics include gender realignment surgery and hormone therapy, transitioning, religious beliefs and spirituality, entertainment materials, and civil rights.


Twilight People

‘Twilight People’ is a landmark project that discovers and celebrates the hidden history of transgender and gender-variant people of faith in the UK, past and present. This collection is the first source of faith and transgender history in Britain. The project explores the narratives around ‘body and ritual’, documenting the interconnection between faith and gender journeys beyond the binary categories of male and female. The images and stories of over 40 members of the various Abrahamic faith communities – Christian, Muslim and Jewish – are documented through various media including oral histories, a brochure, and more!


University of South Florida Libraries Finding Aids

The Special and Digital Collections of the University of South Florida Library has nine finding aids related to its collections that include transgender-related content. These finding aids are discovery resources for collections concerning various Floridian LGBT activist organizations and individuals, queer cultural activities, sex-themed advertising, and much more.


University of Southern Maine Finding Aids

The University of Southern Maine contains various trans-related materials. These findings aids primarily pertain to collections based on individual activists or trans support groups. The finding aids cover materials dating from the 1970s to early 2000s.


University of Winnipeg Two-Spirited Collection

These two items detail the different materials found in the University of Winnipeg’s Two-Spirited Collection. The first item is a short journal article that provides background on the topics explored in this collection, explaining the roles of different two-spirit activists, such as Albert McLeod (the creator of the collection), and the purpose of the two-spirit materials as they pertain to the trans community. The second item is a formal finding aid for the collection, which goes into detail as to what materials are actually in the collection and includes a history of Aboriginal two-spirit people as well as a biography of Albert McLeod. The collection itself includes different texts, photographs, posters, and ephemera related to the two-spirit movement.


Upstate New York Newsletters

Three organizations in upstate New York (Transegenderests Independence Club, Butterfly, and Expressing Our Nature) collaborated to create four newsletters for the trans and crossdressing communities between 1988 and 1989. In 1993, Expressing Our Nature published two newsletters on their own. These newsletters provide information on different events, share personal articles, and publish excerpts of books and news articles. Central themes include community support, self-acceptance, and feminine appearance.



This collection includes ten 'zines created and published by Vanguard from 1966-1967 and a retrospective 'zine created in 2011. Contributors to Vanguard were LGBTQ youth from the streets of the Tenderloin district in San Francisco. These 'zines contain poems, art, and articles that reflect the issues faced by poor LGBTQ youth at the time, covering topics such as police brutality, drug addiction, and economic discrimination. Vanguard served as a platform to foster community and organize demonstrations for civil rights. Later issues address the Vietnam War and encourage a movement for peace. This collection also includes an edition of Vanguard Magazine from 2011 that re-publishes original content with retrospectives by the authors and new contributors who share some of their experiences.


Victor Lopez and Rudy Cardona Photograph Collection

Rudy Cardona owned Texas Crown Productions which created and organized the Miss Corpus Christi America and related pageants in Corpus Chisti, Texas between the years of 1990 and 1996. Victor Lopez was the co-creator of and photographer for the pageant.The collection is comprised of prints and negatives of events organized and held by Texas Crown Productions between the years of 1990-1996. These included the Miss Corpus Christi America, Miss Corpus Christi Metroplex, Miss Nueces County, Miss Texas Riviera, and Mr. Corpus Christi pageants. Also in the collection are photographs from Houston Pride parades, 1992-1994 and the Houston Baile (formal dance) of 1994.


Yale University Finding Aids

Yale University Library holds 23 collections of archival materials with significant trans-related content, though their broader holdings include far more. Researchers can also search for individually cataloged items in ORBIS:



Zines are a form of privately produced and distributed magazines that have been popular among marginalized groups as a means of community-wide communication. In this collection are works such as those of self-proclaimed "transvestite" Rizzeria, as well as many first editions of serial zines. These works cover topics from identity politics and sexual liberation to the daily lives of queer-identified people. This collection illuminates some of the many intersectional challenges and victories of the LGBTQIA+ community.