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Kentucky History

These fifteen items––ten photographs, a poster, two cards, and two newspaper clippings––provide a glimpse into 20th century transgender-related history in Kentucky. The photographs and cards depict a wide range of practices of trans-ing gender and other materials in the collection present information on events involving drag.

From Institution(s): Faulkner-Morgan Pagan Babies Archive

Kewpie Photographs

Kewpie was part of a queer community of people who were known amongst themselves and by the wider community in Cape Town as ‘moffies.' These photographs document Kewpie’s life in District Six, Cape Town, South Africa between 1950 and 1993. This collection contains pictures of Kewpie working in salons as a hairdresser, attending parties and costume balls, and posing for photos outside on streets and beaches with her friends and her partner, Brian.

From Institution(s): Gay & Lesbian Memory in Action (GALA)


These 71 issues of LadyLike Magazine were published between 1987 and 2007 by Creative Design Services. They feature profiles on crossdressers and transgender people, photographs contributed by readers, letters to the editor, film reviews, makeup and clothing tutorials, fictional short stories, and personal articles. These periodicals especially focus on qualities of femininity.

From Institution(s): Transgender Oral History Project

Les Amies de Place Blanche by Christer Strömholm

A small handful of the photos from Christer Strömholm's "Les Amies de Place Blanche" (1983) can be found in this collection. These photographs depict French transsexual women living in Paris in the 1960s. Many of these women were working in the Red Light District trying to raise money for various alterations. The original publication was published in Swedish and contains essays from Strömholm about his work.

From Institution(s): Transas City

Les Girls: Boys Will Be Girls

Les Girls: Boys Will Be Girls was a magazine that presented an "ongoing and factual account" of the underground world of female impersonators. It was published quarterly (beginning in 1980) and provided many photoshoots of well-known female impersonators as well as many informative articles about various experiences living as a trans person in the 1980s.

From Institution(s): Transgender Oral History Project, Lili Elbe Archive

Letters from Female Impersonators

This periodical, published by Nutrix Co. between 1961 and 1963, is comprised of photographs and letters written by female impersonators. Common themes throughout these letters include a desire for community and acceptance, a lack of access to medical treatment and legal rights, and personal experiences with crossdressing.

From Institution(s): Human Sexuality Collection, Cornell University

Lou Sullivan/Ben Power Correspondence

The Lou Sullivan/Ben Power Correspondence collection consists of 37 items, including letters, cards, envelopes, notes, and still-image photographs. This correspondence is between Lou Sullivan (influential FTM activist and founder of FTM International) and Ben Power (founder/facilitator of the East Coast FTM Group, curator of the Sexual Minorities Archives, and founder/executive director of the Sexual Minorities Educational Foundation, Inc.). In this powerful and intimate exchange, Sullivan and Power discuss relationships, gender identity, sexuality, and emotional advice/support.

From Institution(s): Sexual Minorities Archives

Lynn Edward Harris Photographs

The photographs in this collection depict moments in the personal life of Lynn Edward Harris (1950- ), a prominent intersex person known for his acting, lecturing, and later activism work. This collection, hosted by the ONE Archives at the University of Southern California Libraries, contains photos from throughout his life–from his childhood years when he was raised as a female, through his later years when he began living publicly as a male. These photographs cover various ages of Harris from 1954 through 2000, including four photographs from his childhood, two photographs from his early acting portfolio, and several pictures from his adult life.

From Institution(s): ONE Archives at the USC Libraries


These newsletters and periodicals in the Metamorphosis collection were published by the Metamorphosis Medical Research Foundation and Rupert Raj from 1982-1988. The Metamorphosis publications were intended to be a resource for female-to-male transsexuals. These objects discuss the issues of gender dysphoria, gender realignment surgery, and community acceptance. The newsletters and magazines provided the trans community with resources, personal stories, book and film reviews, and bulletins of important events and medical research as they pertain to the trans community.

From Institution(s): Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives


The Military collection comprises a series of photographs and artifacts relating to the military and service members. Highlights include photographs from a 1942-1945 era show at Bolling Field Airbase and items from a Military Ball put on by the Houston Motorcycle Club.

From Institution(s): Digital Transgender Archive, JD Doyle Archives, Transas City

Milwaukee Transgender Oral History Project Interviews

The Milwaukee Transgender Oral History Project Interviews collection contains seven interviews with activists from the Milwaukee transgender community. Each listing in the collection contains a link to both an audio recording of an interview and a written transcript. These interviews, conducted by Dr. Brice Smith in 2011, address the nature of the early Milwaukee transgender movement and individual experiences transitioning.

From Institution(s): University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Monmouth & Ocean News

We have only a few of the newsletters published by the Monmouth Ocean Transgender Group (MOTG). The ten collected here were originally published during the late to mid-1990s. MOTG is an affiliate group of Renaissance Education Association, an organization that is also present in our archive. Significant contributors of the newsletter include Marybeth (no last name found), the editor until 1997 until it switched editorship to Vikki M. The newsletter focused mostly on then-current events and perspectives regarding transgender people, crossdressing practices, the lifestyle of crossdressers, and gendered experiences.

From Institution(s): Joseph A. Labadie Collection, University of Michigan

Newspaper and Periodical Clippings (1950-2000)

This collection contains clippings from newspapers and, to a much lesser extent, from periodicals, published starting in 1950 and continuing through the 1990s. Topics discussed in the articles include early gender realignment surgeries, marriages of transgender individuals, artistic representations of transgender characters, and legal issues faced by the trans community. Prominent publications in this collection include The Berkeley Barb, ONE Magazine, Out/look, Women, and Great Speckled Bird.

From Institution(s): Digital Transgender Archive, Joseph A. Labadie Collection, University of Michigan, LGBTQ+ Collection, University of Southern Maine Libraries, Independent Voices, Transas City, Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives, JD Doyle Archives, Lili Elbe Archive, ONE Archives at the USC Libraries, Grupo Dignidade, M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections & Archives, University at Albany, Transgender Archives, University of Victoria

Newspaper and Periodical Clippings (Pre 1900)

Early clippings from newspapers and, to a lesser extent, periodicals, published before 1900.

From Institution(s): Digital Transgender Archive, Transas City, JD Doyle Archives, Duke University

NYC Trans Oral History Project

The NYC Trans Oral History Project is a collective, community archive working to document transgender resistance and resilience in New York City. This project works to confront the erasure of trans lives and to record diverse histories of gender as intersecting with race and racism, poverty, dis/ability, aging, housing migration, sexism, and the AIDS crisis. The project works in partnership with the New York Public Library community oral history project.

From Institution(s): NYC Trans Oral History Project

ONE Archives Online Materials

This assortment of pictures and audio files is hosted online by the ONE Archives at the University of Southern California Libraries. Within the collection, there are a variety of photos from the early 1900s through 2000. Notably, there are ten pictures of Latino gay activist Jose Sarria participating in a drag show at the Black Cat Bar in San Francisco, California. Overall, the photos capture diverse events such as AIDS fundraisers, gay prides in the United States, and drag shows.

From Institution(s): ONE Archives at the USC Libraries

Our Sorority: An Outreach Publication

These newsletters, published between 1986 and 1990 by The Outreach Institute, promote different events and resources for the crossdressing community. These publications also include fictional stories, personal writings, advice on makeup and fashion, photographs from the annual Fantasia Fair, and articles on community issues.

From Institution(s): Joseph A. Labadie Collection, University of Michigan, Human Sexuality Collection, Cornell University

Outreach Publications

The Human Outreach and Achievement Institute, founded by Ari Kane, worked to “serve as a resource for helping professionals, crossdressers, androgynes and transsexuals.” It published these 10 quarterly newsletters between 1985 and 1989 in order to share scholarly articles, news pieces about annual gender-related conferences, personal pieces about family dynamics, and book reviews.

From Institution(s): Joseph A. Labadie Collection, University of Michigan, Human Sexuality Collection, Cornell University, Louise Lawrence Transgender Archive