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Our Team

Project Director

  • K.J. Rawson: K.J. is an Assistant Professor in the English Department at the College of the Holy Cross. His research and teaching interests include composition, rhetoric, digital media, and LGBT studies. His scholarship focuses on the rhetorical dimensions of queer and transgender archiving in both traditional and digital collections. With Eileen E. Schell, he co-edited Rhetorica in Motion: Feminist Rhetorical Methods and Methodologies (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2010) and with Aaron Devor he co-edited a special issue of TSQ on Archives and Archiving (Duke University Press, 2015). His scholarship has also appeared in Archivaria, Enculturation, Present Tense, QED, TSQ, and several edited collections.

Lead Developer

  • Steven Carl Anderson (Digital Repository Developer, Boston Public Library and Owner, PHD Gaming LLC)

Holy Cross Development Team

  • Robert Allen (Applications Development Director, College of the Holy Cross)
  • Richard Nickle (Senior Technical Services Engineer, College of the Holy Cross)

Research Assistants

  • Michael DeSantis
  • Mithra Salmassi

Outreach Coordinator

Keith Plummer


  • Sean Frebes
  • Sarah Gullong


  • Mariel Aleman
  • Emily Brown Baker
  • Emily Breakell
  • Galen Comerford
  • Alice Galvinhill
  • Lexi Hummel-Paez
  • Hiro Imada
  • Katherine Lenahan
  • Maddy Springfield
  • Isabel Tehan

Partner Institutions and Projects


In addition to the efforts of our current and former team members, our contributors, and our advisory board, we are also grateful to the following individuals who have offered tremendous support for this project:

  • Tom Blake 
  • Elspeth Brown
  • Margaret Freije
  • Ellen Keohane
  • Danny Pucci
  • Rebecka Sheffield
  • Lara Wilson


  • Catarina-Oliva Beal (Team Leader)
  • Katie Bowles (Team Leader)
  • Anne Clarke (Research Assistant)
  • Rachel Greenberg (Research Assistant)
  • Jeimy Hernandez (Research Assistant)
  • Abigail Kehoe (Research Assistant)
  • Jazmin Lopez (Research Assistant)
  • ‚ÄčTimothy Mentzer (Senior Software Developer, College of the Holy Cross)
  • Victoria Mousley (Lab Supervisor)
  • Derek Murphy (Web Developer)
  • Connor O'Brien (Research Assistant)
  • Jason Steranko (Research Assistant)
  • Cecilia Wolfe (Research Assistant)

Thank you for your support!