Digital Transgender Archive

Our Team

Project Director

  • K.J. Rawson is an associate professor of English and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Northeastern University. He works at the intersections of the Digital Humanities and Rhetoric, LGBTQ+, and Feminist Studies. Focusing on archives as key sites of cultural power, he studies the rhetorical work of queer and transgender archival collections in both brick-and-mortar and digital spaces. He has co-edited special issues of Peitho and TSQ and co-edited Rhetorica in Motion: Feminist Rhetorical Methods and Methodologies (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2010). Rawson’s scholarship has appeared in Archivaria, Enculturation, Peitho, Present Tense, QED, RSQ, TSQ, and several edited collections. In addition to being the founder and director of the Digital Transgender Archive, he is the Chair of the editorial board of the Homosaurus, an international LGBTQ+ linked data vocabulary.

Research Assistants

  • Mark Burford (Undergraduate Research Assistant)
  • Petrina Danardatu (Undergraduate Research Assistant)
  • Micah Farman (Independent Researcher)
  • Jades Heron (Graduate Research Assistant)
  • Noor Mehta (Undergraduate Research Assistant)
  • Miranda Melson (Graduate Research Assitant)
  • Sadie Ouillette (Undergraduate Research Assistant)
  • Cailin Flannery Roles (Graduate Research Assistant)
  • Finn Seifert (Undergraduate Research Assistant)

Interns & Volunteers

  • Sofia Arona (Co-Op Internship)

Lead Developer

  • Steven Carl Anderson (Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft, and Owner, PHD Gaming LLC)



  • Maho Abe (Volunteer)
  • Brennen Acome (Volunteer)
  • Mariel Aleman (Team Leader)
  • Safa Aljeboure (Volunteer)
  • Robert Allen (Applications Development Director, College of the Holy Cross)
  • Caroline Ambrose (Volunteer)
  • Kim Avelar (Volunteer)
  • Hanna Ballantine (Volunteer)
  • Katherine Barahona (Volunteer)
  • Carlito Beal (Team Leader)
  • Katie Bowles (Team Leader)
  • Riley Breakell (Volunteer)
  • Emily Brown Baker (Volunteer)
  • Rhiannon Callahan (Graduate Research Assistant)
  • Anne Clarke (Research Assistant)
  • Galen Comerford (Volunteer)
  • Patricia Corey (Volunteer)
  • Adam Coshal (Volunteer)
  • Mark Crotta (Volunteer)
  • Caitlin Daniels (Volunteer)
  • Michael DeSantis (Research Assistant)
  • Ryan Fay (Volunteer)
  • Sean Frebes (Intern)
  • Diana Gallardo (Volunteer)
  • Alice Galvinhill (Team Leader)
  • Liza Goodman (Volunteer)
  • Rachel Greenberg (Research Assistant)
  • Emily Grinnell (Volunteer)
  • Sarah Gullong (Intern)
  • Carson Harold (Volunteer)
  • Jeimy Hernandez (Research Assistant)
  • Clare Honan (Volunteer)
  • Chinnel Hudson (Volunteer)
  • Lexi Hummel-Paez (Volunteer)
  • Hiro Imada (Volunteer)
  • Abigail Kehoe (Research Assistant)
  • Kaitlin Kerr (Volunteer)
  • Alexandra Larkin (Volunteer)
  • Kallie Laspesa (Volunteer)
  • Diana Lee (Volunteer)
  • Katherine Lenahan (Volunteer)
  • Cello Lin (Volunteer)
  • Citlalli Lopez (Volunteer)
  • Jazmin Lopez (Research Assistant)
  • Hannah Maguire (Volunteer)
  • Trishala Manandhar (Volunteer)
  • Bowie Mandelbaum (Intern)
  • Nathan Manna (Volunteer)
  • Chris Marchese (Volunteer)
  • Courtney McColgan (Volunteer)
  • Victoria Mousley (Lab Supervisor)
  • Derek Murphy (Web Developer, College of the Holy Cross)
  • Richard Nickle (Senior Technical Services Engineer, College of the Holy Cross)
  • Koryna O'Besso (Volunteer)
  • Connor O'Brien (Research Assistant)
  • Grace O'Mara (Undergraduate Processing Assistant)
  • Yuli Ocampo (Volunteer)
  • Sabrina Ortiz (Volunteer)
  • An Pham (Volunteer)
  • Kathleen Philo (Volunteer)
  • Keith Plummer​ (Outreach Coordinator)
  • Sisary Poemape Heredia (Volunteer)
  • Meg Ryan (Volunteer)
  • Mithra Salmassi (Team Leader)
  • Eamon Schlotterback (Graduate Research Assistant)
  • Tristan Silerio (Volunteer)
  • Nora Springer (Volunteer)
  • Maddy Springfield (Volunteer)
  • Jason Steranko (Research Assistant)
  • Daniel Tallman (Team Leader)
  • Nikki Tantum (Digital Archivist)
  • Isabel Tehan (Team Leader)
  • Natalie Truscott (Volunteer)
  • Cecilia Wolfe (Research Assistant)
  • Cameron Grace Wolff (Volunteer)

In addition to the efforts of our current and former team members, our contributors, and our advisory board, we are also grateful to the following individuals who have offered support for this project: Tom Blake, Margaret Freije. Ellen Keohane, and Danny Pucci.

Thank you for your support!