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  1. AEGIS News, No. 7 (April, 1996)

    Collection: AEGIS Publications
    Institution: Joseph A. Labadie Collection, University of Michigan
    Creator: Denny, Dallas
    Date: Apr. 1996
    Topics: Activists, Education, Political movements
    Subject: American Educational Gender Information Service, Inc. (AEGIS)
  2. Angela on the Dade County Vote

    Collection: Newspaper and Periodical Clippings (1950-2000)
    Institution: Independent Voices
    Creator: Douglas, Angela
    Date: Jun. 17, 1977 to Jun. 23, 1977
    Topics: Activists, Discrimination, Ethnic diversity, Gay community, Gay rights, Political movements, Racism, Transphobia, Transsexual people
  3. Cross-Talk: The Transgender Community News & Information Monthly, No. 81 (July, 1996)

    Collection: Cross-Talk: The Gender Community’s News & Information Monthly
    Institution: M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections & Archives, University at Albany
    Creator: Richards, Kymberleigh
    Date: Jul. 1996
    Topics: Comic strips, Crimes, Crossdressing, Drag, Fashion, Film, FtMs, Gender realignment surgery, Human rights, Imprisonment, MtFs, Political movements, Transgender community, Transgender people, Transgender rights, Victims of hate crimes, Voice therapy
    Subject: Richard Speck, RuPaul
  4. Gender Expressions Vol. 2 No. 1 (Spring 1990)

    Collection: Short Runs of Periodicals
    Institution: Lili Elbe Archive
    Creator: Christon, Janet
    Date: Spring 1990
    Topics: Activists, Assigned gender, Beauty standards, Body image, Books, Coming out, Crossdressers, Crossdressing, Discrimination, DSM, Employment policies, Femininity, Feminism, FtMs, Gender diversity, Gender dysphoria, Gender identity, Gender realignment surgery, Gender role, Lesbians, Letters to the editor, Marriage, Masculinity, Medication, MtFs, Occupations in health care and social care, Organisations, Passing, Personnel management, Physicians, Police, Political movements, Politics, Public space, Relationships, Religions, Representation, Self-acceptance, Sexual orientation, Stereotypes, Support groups, Surveys, Television programmes, Transgender community, Transitioning, Transsexual people, Transsexualism, Travel
    Subject: Renee Richards
  5. International TranScript, Vol. 2 No. 2 (Mar. 1992)

    Collection: International TranScript
    Institution: Transgender Archives, University of Victoria
    Creator: Roberts, JoAnn
    Date: 1992
    Topics: Crossdressers, Gender bending, Gender realignment surgery, Hormone therapy, Passing, Political movements, Spirituality
    Subject: Holly Woodlawn
  6. Interview with Crispin Torres

    Collection: Oral Histories with People of Color
    Institution: Jean-Nickolaus Tretter Collection, University of Minnesota
    Creator: Torres, Crispin, Jenkins, Andrea
    Date: May 27, 2016
    Topics: Coming out, Education, Educators, Gay community, Gay culture, Gay families, Gender realignment surgery, Hormones, Latinos, Masculinity, Mexican Americans, Misogyny, Musicians, Political movements, Relationships, Roman catholicism, Surgery, Transgender people, Transitioning, Transphobia
    Subject: Lambda Legal
    Description: Crispin Torres has been an LGBT advocate and worked to support LGBT people with national organizations for much of his professional career. In this oral history, Torres shares his personal story, f...
  7. Michelle Esther O'Brien Oral History

    Collection: Audio and Video, Clips and Transcripts
    Institution: NYC Trans Oral History Project
    Creator: O'Brien, Michelle Esther, Kerr, Ted
    Date: Jan. 16, 2017
    Topics: Activists, Anarchism, Colleges, Coming out, Communism, Direct action, Environmentalism, Ethnic groups, Feminism, Gender diversity, Homophobia, Internet, Lesbian feminism, Lesbian separatism, Libraries, Mental health, MtFs, Organisations, Political movements, Politics, Racism, Science fiction, Sexuality, Social law, Sociology, Trade unions, Transgender community, Transgender youth, Travel, Welfare benefits
    Subject: bell hooks, Michelle Esther O'Brien
    Description: In this interview, Michelle O’Brien discusses milestones in her politicization: Ancient Forest Defense Network in the Pacific Northwest, highway blockades in Minnesota, trans healthcare organizing ...
  8. Octavia Leona Kohner Oral History

    Collection: Audio and Video, Clips and Transcripts
    Institution: NYC Trans Oral History Project
    Creator: O'Brien, Michelle Esther, Kohner, Octavia Leona
    Date: Mar. 27, 2017
    Topics: Activists, Anarchism, Childhood, Clothing, Coming out, Depression, Discrimination, Families, Feminists, Gender identity, Isolation, Labour movement, LGBTI community, MtFs, Political movements, Solidarity, Trade unions, Transgender people, Transitioning, Transphobia, Violence, Working class
    Subject: Babeland, Octavia Leona Kohner
    Description: Octavia Leona Kohner was active in the successful unionization campaign at Babeland, a NYC sex toy shop. Here, she recounts her upbringing in a working-class family in Staten Island, and describes ...
  9. Quando a política é uma festa

    Collection: Newspaper and Periodical Clippings (1950-2000)
    Institution: Grupo Dignidade
    Creator: Ribondi, Alexandre
    Date: Aug. 1980
    Topics: Drag, Oppression, Plays, Political movements
    Subject: Humberto Pedrancini, New Aquarius Gay Club
  10. Renaissance News, Vol. 5 No. 6 (June 1991)

    Collection: Renaissance News & Newsletters
    Institution: Transgender Archives, University of Victoria
    Creator: Renaissance Education Association
    Date: Jun. 1991
    Topics: Appearance, Clothing, Crossdressing, Discrimination, Drag queens, Femininity, FtMs, Gender realignment surgery, Genetics, LGBTI movement, Masculinity, Political movements, Popular culture, Self-image, Theatre shows, Transgender people, Transsexual people
    Subject: Drag Show; The Elocution of Benjamin Franklin, International Foundation for Gender Education (IFGE)
  11. Seize The Power!

    Collection: Newspaper and Periodical Clippings (1950-2000)
    Institution: LGBTQ+ Collection, University of Southern Maine Libraries
    Creator: Weir, Winnie
    Date: Apr. 1993
    Topics: LGBT, Political movements, Transgender people
    Subject: Apex: A Point of Departure, Eric E. Rofes, Laura M. Perez, Loree Cook-Daniels, March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation, Phyllis Randolph Frye, Shanti Project, Victor Raymond
    Description: This clipping can be found on page 8 of the periodical.
  12. The Echo of a Growing Movement

    Collection: Newspaper and Periodical Clippings (1950-2000)
    Institution: Independent Voices
    Creator: Cory, Donald Webster, LeRoy, John P.
    Date: Jan. 1, 1964
    Topics: Gay liberation movement, Homosexuality, Political movements, Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy, Sexual practices
    Subject: American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), American Psychiatric Association (APA), Mattachine Society, New York Times
  13. The Transgenderist (May, 1996)

    Collection: Upstate New York Newsletters
    Institution: M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections & Archives, University at Albany
    Date: May 1996
    Topics: Anti-discrimination law, Appearance, Arrests, Clothing, Conservatism, Cosmetics, Crossdressers, Crossdressing, Discrimination, Events, Gatherings, Gay rights, Gender realignment surgery, Homophobia, Imprisonment, Intolerance, Law, LGBTI community, Political movements, Politics, Religions, Sexuality, Transgender people, Transitioning, Transphobia, Transsexual people
    Subject: Sean O'Neill