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  1. Amaree Jael Oral History

    Collection: Oral Histories with People of Color
    Institution: NYC Trans Oral History Project
    Creator: Jael, Amaree, Maya, Elliott
    Date: Aug. 15, 2016
    Topics: Bigender people, Black people, Bullying, Homophobia, Isolation, Parents of transgender people, Poverty, Race identity, Racism, Sexuality, Slavery, Social exclusion, Transgender community, Transitioning, Transsexual people, Verbal abuse, Visibility
    Subject: Amaree Jael
  2. Crossdressing in London and Texas

    Collection: Newspaper and Periodical Clippings (Pre 1900)
    Institution: Digital Transgender Archive
    Date: Jul. 27, 1870
    Topics: Arrests, Black people, Clothing, Crossdressing, Slavery
    Subject: Dick Montgomery
    Description: Nashville Union and American (Nashville, Tennessee)
  3. Interview with A. Kei Williams

    Collection: Oral Histories with People of Color
    Institution: NYC Trans Oral History Project
    Creator: Williams, A. Kei
    Date: Apr. 8, 2019
    Topics: Arts, Black people, Black studies, Childhood, Coming out, Ethnic groups, Family members, Feminism, Gender identity, Healing, Identity, Islam, Labour, Organisations, Police, Politics, Prisons, Refugee centres, Religions, Slavery, Trade unions, Youth
    Subject: Aiyana Stanley Jones, Al Hernix, Black Lives Matter, Ferguson, Hamilton College, Harriet Tubman, Nation of Islam, Outerground, Sandra Bland, Swipe it Forward, Trevon Martin, Union Theological Seminary
  4. Interview with Imani Henry

    Collection: Oral Histories with People of Color
    Institution: NYC Trans Oral History Project
    Creator: Henry, Imani
    Date: Mar. 8, 2019
    Topics: Abuse, Activists, Afro-caribbeans, Arrests, Black people, Christianity, Cults, Discrimination, Gay pride, Gender minorities, Middle class, Peace movement, Police, Racism, Religions, School facilities, Slavery, Social media, Street violence, Transgender people, Violence, Working class, Youth
    Subject: Black Lives Matter, Black Student Organization, Boston Tech, Christine Lewis, Domestic Workers United, Emerson College, English High, Equality for Flatbush, ICE, James Dobson, Keith Kyler, Ken Livingston, Kimani Grey, Latin Academy, Latin Boston, Malcolm X, National School Walkout Day, Patrick Dorsman, Peoples Monday, Rodney King, Sandra Bland, Sean Bell, Trish Marinara, University of Massachusetts - Lowell (UMass Lowell)
  5. Interview with Isabelle Wedin

    Collection: Audio and Video, Clips and Transcripts
    Institution: Jean-Nickolaus Tretter Collection, University of Minnesota
    Creator: Wedin, Isabelle
    Date: Oct. 31, 2016
    Topics: Androgyny, Anxiety, Assigned gender, Biotechnology, Bisexuals, Bullying, Children, Coming out, Crossdressing, Depression, Discrimination, Divorce, Education, Employment discrimination, Estrogen, Femininity, Gender dysphoria, Gender fluid, Gender identity, Gender role, Harassment, Heteronormativity, Heterosexuality, Homophobia, Hormone therapy, Indigenous peoples, Intersex, Law, Lesbian identity, LGBTI community, Marriage, Masculinity, Medical interventions, Medicalisation, MtFs, Passing, Plays, Police, Racially mixed people, Racism, Sexism, Sexual harassment, Slavery, Social justice, Spironolactone, Support groups, Swimwear, Transgender people, Transphobia, Two-spirit people, Volunteering
    Subject: Alliance Defending Freedom, Allina Health Systems, Avery Edison, Catherine Graffam, Free CeCe, Google Hangouts, Informational Technology, Julia Serano, June Taylor, MetaFilter, National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE), RJ Reynolds Tobacco
    Description: Isabelle Wedin is from Long Island, New York, was assigned male at birth, and identifies as a lesbian woman. Wedin doesn’t have any kids, and she’s been married for 9 years now. She cross-dressed i...
  6. The Deserted Wife's Revenge

    Collection: Dime Novels
    Institution: American Antiquarian Society
    Date: 1852
    Topics: Appearance, Crimes, Crossdressers, Crossdressing, Marriage, Murder, Racism, Slavery, Violence