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  1. Aoife Oral History

    Collection: Audio and Video Clips and Transcripts
    Institution: NYC Trans Oral History Project
    Creator: Aoife
    Date: Jul. 26, 2020
    Topics: Intergenerational relations, Nightlife, Older transgender people, Queer community, Transgender people, Women's colleges
    Description: Aoife recounts their experiences splitting time between New York City and a more suburban Connecticut setting as a child. They describe navigating their queer identity through high school and comin...
  2. Eddie Jarel Jones Oral History

    Collection: Oral Histories with People of Color
    Institution: NYC Trans Oral History Project
    Creator: Jones, Eddie Jarel
    Date: May 29, 2019
    Topics: African American universities and colleges, Anti-transgender violence, Bathrooms, Beauty standards, Bisexual youth, Black people, Bullying, Childhood, Cosmetics, Crossdressing, Dating, Discrimination, Drag, Family members, Femininities, Gay and lesbian youth, Gay pride, Gender, Gender diversity, Gender realignment surgery, Harassment, Heterosexism, Homophobia, LGBTI community, Masculinities, Passing (Gender), Pronoun, Racism, Self-image, Social media, Telecommunication, Transgender community, Transgender people, Transgender youth, Transphobia, Visibility, Women's colleges
    Subject: Bathroom Act, BlackTransTV, Jussie Smollett, King Children, Lincoln University, MOBIfest, Morehouse College, Philly Fashion Week, Pose, Sean Torrington, Slay TV, SLAYFEST, SpeakOut, Spelman College, Terry Torrington, The Phluid Project, World Pride 2019
    Description: Eddie Jarel Jones is a Cleveland, Ohio native and current social influencer, media personality, producer, Emcee, and model. They reflect on the experience of attending a Historically Black College ...
  3. Erica Connerney Oral History

    Collection: Audio and Video Clips and Transcripts
    Institution: NYC Trans Oral History Project
    Creator: Connerney, Erica
    Date: Jul. 16, 2019
    Topics: AIDS awareness, Anti-transgender violence, Asian religions, Asian studies, Bisexuality, Buddhism, Cabaret, Change of name, Childhood, Crossdressing, Employment discrimination, Erotica, Family members, Gay liberation, Gay political groups, Gay pride, Gender realignment surgery, Gentrification, Government, Hijras, Isolation, Lesbian culture, Lesbian girls, LGBTQ+ relationships, LGBTQ+ sex workers, Religions, Roman catholicism, Transgender people, Transphobia, Transsexual people, Women's colleges, Writers
    Subject: Boston Globe, Central Asian Studies, Corporal Klinger, Cubbyhole, Donald Trump, Dyke March, Get Behind Me Satan, Henrietta Hudson's, Jacque's, Janice Raymond, Jeff Sessions, Kamilah Harris, M*A*S*H, MacDowell Colony, On Our Backs, Pace University, Pat Oleszko, Pose, Queer Liberation March, Rita Hester, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Susie Bright, The Queen of Exit Seventeen, The Transsexual Empire, The Upside-down Tree: India's Changing Culture, Trans Advocate, Trans Day of Action, Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminism (TERF), Vera Lex: Journal of the International Natural Law Society, Wheaton College, Wicca
    Description: Erica Connerney is a philosophy/trans literature professor and author living in Tribeca, NY. She discusses her past and present in terms of her identity as a transsexual woman, as well as her hopes...
  4. Interview with EJ Olson

    Collection: Audio and Video Clips and Transcripts
    Institution: Jean-Nickolaus Tretter Collection, University of Minnesota
    Creator: Olson, EJ
    Date: Dec. 16, 2016
    Topics: AIDS organizations, Allies, Appearance, Artists, Assigned gender, Bullying, Colleges, Coming out, Communities, Counseling, Dating, Families, Gender diversity, Gender identity, Gender realignment surgery, Health care, Hormones, Hysterectomy, Marriage, Masculinities, Pronoun, Racism, Religions, Self-acceptance, Sexual orientation, Theatre, Therapies, Transgender community, Transitioning (Gender), Women's colleges
    Subject: Callen Lorde, Chatham College, Family Tree Clinic, Garden State Equality, LGBT Task Force, LGBTQ Center, Rainbow Health Initiative, Riot Girl Feminism, Trans Hormone Care Program
    Description: EJ Olson was 37 at the time of the interview and was assigned female at birth. They identify as genderqueer, gender non-conforming, and gender fluid and grew up in Empire, Michigan. They are the ol...
  5. Sage Oral History

    Collection: Audio and Video Clips and Transcripts
    Institution: NYC Trans Oral History Project
    Creator: Sage
    Date: May 9, 2019
    Topics: Baptist church, Butches, Children, Christianity, Coming out, Conferences, Discrimination, Feminism, Flags--Confederate States of America, Gender, Homophobia, Internet, Judaism, Libraries, Microaggressions, Paganism, Pronoun, Racism, Religions, Rural areas, Social classes, Social justice, Soft butches, Taoism, Trade unions, Transgender people, Women's colleges, Youth literature
    Subject: American Library Association, LGBT Workers Association, Proposition 8, Stonewall 50, Tumblr
    Description: Sage discusses their growing up in a conservative evangelical Christian family in the Appalachia Mountains of Virginia, breaking from their family's religion through encountering children's and you...