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  1. Appendix 3: Gender Non-Conformity and the Law: a "Crying Game" in More Ways than One

    Collection: International Conference on Transgender Law and Employment Policy: Annual Proceedings and Newsletters
    Institution: Digital Transgender Archive
    Creator: Kahn, Sharon
    Date: Aug. 1993
    Topics: Crossdressing, Femininity, Gender, Gender diversity, Gender role, Masculinity, Stereotypes
    Subject: Edwin O. Wilson, General Electric Co. v. Gilbert, Loving v. Virginia, Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins, Sandra Bem, The Crying Game
  2. Our Special Joy Vol. 3 No. 12 (December, 1983)

    Collection: Our Special Joy
    Institution: Human Sexuality Collection, Cornell University
    Creator: Moran, Mary Jane
    Date: Dec. 1983
    Topics: Crossdressers, Crossdressing, Drivers' licenses, Femininity, Fraud, Gatherings, Gender, Gender role, Homosexuality, Law, Marriage, Music, Police
    Subject: American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Carol Beecroft, Chi Delta Mu, Chris Hansen, Edith Marie, En Femme Magazine, Geographic Area Leaders (GALS), Merle Norman, Muriel Olive, Renata Lee, Rockland Jorunal News, Sandra Bem, Ted Huston, The Donahue Show, Tri-Ess Metro, Tri-Ess Society for the Second Self
  3. Renaissance News & Views Vol. 10, No. 1 (January, 1996)

    Collection: Renaissance News & Newsletters
    Institution: Louise Lawrence Transgender Archive
    Creator: Renaissance Education Association
    Date: Jan. 1996
    Topics: Acceptance, Anti-discrimination law, Appearance, Books, Clothing, Coming out, Cosmetics, Crossdressing, Death and dying, Dermatology, Drag, Drag queens, Family members, Femininity, Fetishism, Film, FtMs, Gender realignment surgery, Government, Hormone therapy, Intersex, Literary criticism, Manicuring, Masculinity, Mastectomy, MtFs, Music videos, Night life, Passing, Prejudices, Psychiatry, Shaving--Equipment and supplies, Social norms, Sports, Support groups, Television, Transgender community, Transgender people, Underwear
    Subject: Chicago Gender Society, Deirdre McCloskey, Diana Ross, Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association, Howard Stern, Jennifer Richards, John Leguizamo, Judith Butler, Jumpstart, Karlota Baltzis, National Association of Family Based Services (NAFBS), RuPaul, Sandra Bem, SPY, Standards of Care, Terrence Stamp, The Village Corset Shop, Tracey Ullman, Transgender Alliance, Transgender Tapestry, UJIMA