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  1. Correspondence from Rupert Raj to Lou Sullivan (June 26, 1989)

    Collection: Lou Sullivan Collection
    Institution: GLBT Historical Society
    Creator: Raj, Rupert, Crandall, Christian S.
    Date: Jun. 26, 1989
    Topics: FtMs, HIV/AIDS, Marriage, Research
    Subject: Gender Worker, Jack Garland, Metamorphosis Medical Research Foundation
  2. Interview with Susan Stryker

    Collection: Audio and Video, Clips and Transcripts
    Institution: NYC Trans Oral History Project
    Creator: Stryker, Susan
    Date: Oct. 22, 2019
    Topics: Activists, AIDS activists, BDSM, Childhood, Crossdressing, Ethnic groups, Historians, Homophobia, Hormones, Leather community, Lesbian culture, Lesbians, Masculinity, Military, Mormonism, Peace movement, Sex workers (LGBTQ), Social classes, Trade unions, Transgender people, Transgender studies
    Subject: Blue Jeans Day, Christine Jorgensen, Dear Abby, Gay Activist Alliance, Gay and Lesbian Historical Society, Gay Pieere, I Want What I Want, Janice Raymond, Leslie Feinberg, Patrick Califia-Rice, Perversion: The Erotic Form of Hatred, Renee Richards, Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Transgender Studies Quarterly (TSQ), The Transsexual Empire: the Making of the She-Male, Transgender Liberation: A Movement whose Time has Come, Victor Silverman
  3. LGBT Co-op Members

    Collection: Miscellaneous Photographs
    Institution: Yale University Libraries
    Date: 1986
    Topics: LGBTI community, Photographs, Photography, Public facilities, Students' clubs, Universities
  4. Since Hiram Went To Yale

    Collection: Sheet Music
    Institution: JD Doyle Archives
    Creator: Van Alstyne, Egbert, Williams, Harry
    Date: 1906
    Topics: Arts and entertainment occupations, Crossdressers, Crossdressing, Male impersonators, Musical theatre
    Subject: Della Fox
  5. Whiffenpoofs (in tutus)

    Collection: Miscellaneous Photographs
    Institution: Yale University Libraries
    Date: May 13, 1912
    Topics: Crossdressing, Musicians, Photographs, Photography, Students' clubs
    Subject: Esmond Paul O'Brien, Louie Linder, Pomery Tucker Francis
    Description: Whiffenpoofs (en tutus) of 1912 with Louie Linder (top hat) surrounded by Mohicans, a Yale social club, in front of Chittenden Library The man with the snare drum is Pomery Tucker Francis, BA 19...
  6. Why Wearing Skirts Makes a Man Effeminate

    Collection: Newspaper and Periodical Clippings (1900-1949)
    Institution: JD Doyle Archives
    Creator: Lough, James E.
    Date: Jan. 9, 1916
    Topics: Drag, Drag queens, Femininity, Masculinity, Psychology, Students, Theatre
    Subject: Brown Rolston, Frederick S. Jones, James E. Lough, Leroy K. Howe