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Interview with Renan (Ashley) Sapalaran

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Renan (Ashlee) Sapalaran identifies as female and was assigned male at birth. She is from the Philippines. Her father is a policeman and has always been supportive of her transition. She struggled with her mother, however. She went to Catholic schools. She has two brothers and a sister. 7 years ago, she started hormones in college at 17. She moved to Thailand where she has her surgeries for her breasts and hips. She moved to the Twin Cities, Minnesota in 2016 to live with her husband who she’s been in a long distance relationship. They’ve been together for 6 years. They have a house in Thailand and in the Philippines. She wants bottom surgery next and also wants to change her gender marker and name legally but has to wait for her green card in 2 years. She goes to the Minnesota Transgender Coalition Support Group.

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