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Interview with Emani Love

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Emani Love is a nonbinary-identified individual from Highland Park, MI. Love discusses their involvement with the film Treasure: From Tragedy to Trans Justice, Mapping a Detroit Story which focuses on trans life in Detroit and specifically the lives of trans women of color. In this oral history, they share their experiences of their appreciation for their family; bullying and harassment in school, what nonbinary means to them; experiencing microaggressions; the difficulties that come with being beyond any binary; their work at the Ruth Ellis Center; and discrimination in the medical system. Love shares organizations and role models that have influenced them, including, the Trans/Gender Non-Conforming Intersex Justice Project in Oakland, the Young Women’s Empowerment Project in Chicago and leaders such as Danielle Woods, Janetta Johnson, Angel Torres, Akea Torres, Coco Ma, and Shira Hassan. They also share their thoughts on the future of the trans community: Love explains they are happy to see people being able to come out younger and younger in life much due to visibility of trans people that is positive and consistent; their hopes for the trans community to keep working to create change, transform minds, and provide a more supportive and healing outlook for the future trans communities, and the importance of supporting and uplifting trans women of color.

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