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Interview with Destinee Salinas

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Destinee Salinas is a 35-year-old Hispanic straight female and was assigned male at birth. Their pronouns are she/her and they/them. She is the middle child of four brothers and, having an accepting mother, loved playing with barbies and wearing dresses. They grew up in Elwood, Indiana and then moved to Indianapolis, Indiana. She was out as transgender to her mother while attending a Catholic middle school but, to please her mom, she still dressed in boy clothes in school. Salinas was pretty much out as gay, on the cheerleading squad, in plays and choir, and did a lot of the things that girls would do in middle school. After coming to terms with the fact that she wasn’t comfortable with herself, she began transitioning after high school when she left home. Their family is accepting and supportive of their trans identity. She is currently an Eligibility and Retention Specialist for the Positive Care Center here at HCMC, Hennepin County Medical Center. She’s also worked as a Transgender Coordinator for an organization called Brothers United in Indiana and at the Linus Project for a couple years. They have experienced police harassment, name calling, and people wanting to fight them for being trans. She’s on hormone therapy and had some silicone work in her hips, butt, cheekbones, and chin. They plan on breast augmentation and SRS, Sex Reassignment Surgery. She is currently in a 6-year long relationship and plans to marry.

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