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A Sorely Needed Resource for FtM Transsexuals: The Metamorphosis Medical Research Foundation

Letters to the Editor PageRupert Raj’s Metamorphosis publications combine theoretical research with the personal, real-world testimonies of trans people. These publications specifically served as a resource for female-to-male transsexuals, which, at the time, was a community whose struggles were less vocalized. One of the most notable aspects of these publications were the wide array of letters to the editor. The authors of these letters often addressed their concerns with and distress regarding gender realignment surgery, whether it be their frustrations with their limited access to surgery, or the medical struggles they faced afterwards. The authors, however, also expressed their gratitude to Rupert for providing them with an outlet to access the rest of the FtM community. 

One of these letters that we found particularly interesting was one written by a pre-op FtM who also happens to be an inmate in a female prison. In the letter, he asks what the price of phalloplasty is at the present moment, assuming that there has been a change in the cost. This also shows that Rupert Raj was himself a valuable resource for those in the FtM community. Perhaps most fascinating is when the inmate says that he has been inspired to write a newsletter for transsexuals in prison, which also reveals the influence that a publication can have on others.