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Interview with Roze Brooks (R.B.)

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In this oral history, Roze (R.B.) Brooks shares their experiences about growing up in St. Louis, MO and their journey of doing queer and trans activism and advocacy work in higher education at University of Minnesota – Duluth. Brooks details their experiences of being a theatre and choir participant in high school and recognizing their queerness here; coming out as a genderqueer and non-binary between undergrad and graduate school; and having a difficult relationship with their family around their identity. They share their experiences in connecting and building relationships with chosen family and holding tight to them. Brooks discusses challenges that come with being a queer and genderqueer person navigating a graduate program and working in higher education, combating transphobia and sexism on a college campus, and educating others to be more open and allied to trans folks, all while centering voices that need to be centered.

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