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  1. Interview with Faye Seidler

    Collection: Audio and Video Clips and Transcripts
    Institution: Jean-Nickolaus Tretter Collection, University of Minnesota
    Creator: Seidler, Faye
    Date: Oct. 15, 2016
    Topics: AIDS education, Assigned gender, Bullying, Crossdressing, Depression, Discrimination, Divorce, Gender diversity, Gender dysphoria, Gender realignment surgery, Hair--Removal, Hormones, Hospitals, Insurance, Isolation, Legal name, Masculinities, MtFs, Passing (Gender), Polyamory, Puberty, Sexuality, Suicidal behavior, Therapies, Transgender people, Transitioning (Gender), Transphobia, Working class, Writers
    Subject: Grey Ace Trans Woman, The Great Plains Affirming Campus Conference
    Description: Faye Seidler identifies as a gray ace transgender woman and was assigned male at birth. She mostly grew up in Fargo, North Dakota and in many other towns within North Dakota. She was bullied in sch...
  2. Rosebuds Vol. 9 No. 5 (May, 1997)

    Collection: Short Runs of Periodicals
    Institution: Joseph A. Labadie Collection, University of Michigan
    Creator: Burke, Brenda
    Date: May 1997
    Topics: AIDS education, Children of transgender people, Clothing, Comic strips, Crossdressers, Crossdressing, Electrolysis, Families, FtMs, Gay pride week, Gender realignment surgery, HIV tests, HIV/AIDS, Homophobia, MtFs, Passing (Gender), Support groups, Transgender people, Transsexual people
    Subject: A Taste of Boston, Fantasia Fair, Hexx, Holly Cross, International Foundation for Gender Education (IFGE), Marty Bearer, Nancy Cain, Pam Mullins, Sheila Kirk, TranZGression
  3. The Gay Agenda of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Questioning, and Allies (LGBTIQA) Community of Residents of the Houston Metropolitan Area

    Collection: Phyllis Frye Collection
    Institution: Digital Transgender Archive
    Creator: Frye, Phyllis Randolph, Planning Committe of the Futures Conference of LGBTIQA Residents of the Houston Metropolitan Area
    Date: 2005
    Topics: Acceptance, Addictions, AIDS education, Anti-discrimination law, Bisexuals, Civil rights, Condoms, Counseling, Crossdressing, Discrimination, Employment discrimination, Family members, Gay liberation, Hate crimes, Health care, Homelessness, Intersex, LGBTI community, Marriage, Marriage law, Personal and family law, Physicians, Police brutality, Sex education, Sodomy laws, Sports, Support groups, Transgender people, Youth
    Subject: Gay Political Caucus (GPC), Ray Hill, The Futures Conference, The Gay Agenda
  4. The Transsexual Voice (June 1992)

    Collection: The Transsexual Voice
    Institution: Joseph A. Labadie Collection, University of Michigan
    Creator: Smith, Phoebe
    Date: Jun. 1992
    Topics: AIDS education, Coming out, Crossdressing, Depression, Divorce, Families, Gender identity, Gender realignment surgery, Harassment, HIV/AIDS, Internet, Letters to the editor, LGBTQ+ poetry, Marriage, Mental health, MtFs, Nuns, Passing (Gender), Personals, Physicians, Psychosocial care, Sexual orientation, Sexuality, Support groups, Therapies, Transitioning (Gender), Transsexual people, Transsexualism
    Subject: HIV.AIDS Info BBS, Sister Mary Elizabeth