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  1. Pauline Park Oral History

    Collection: Oral Histories with People of Color
    Institution: NYC Trans Oral History Project
    Creator: Awad, Nadia, Park, Pauline
    Date: Mar. 9, 2017
    Topics: Activists, Adoption, Coming out, Diversity, Ethnic groups, Families, Femininity, Gender diversity, Gender identity, Heteronormativity, HIV/AIDS, Human rights, Law, LGBTI community, LGBTI movement, Liberation movements, MtFs, Politics, Racism, Solidarity, Support groups, Transgender people, Transgender rights
    Subject: Pauline Park
    Description: Pauline Park is a long-time transgender activist based in New York City who led the campaign for the 2004 New York City transgender rights law. Born in Korea but adopted into a Christian evangelica...
  2. Interview with Monica Cross

    Collection: Oral Histories with People of Color
    Institution: Jean-Nickolaus Tretter Collection, University of Minnesota
    Creator: Cross, Monica, Jenkins, Andrea
    Date: Feb. 6, 2017
    Topics: Black people, Clergy, Counseling, Discrimination, Gender minorities, Grandparents, Harassment, HIV/AIDS, MtFs, Navy, Parents, Passing, Spirituality, Suicide, Surgery, Transgender community, Transgender people, Transitioning, White nationalism, White supremacy movements
    Subject: Authenticity and Imagination in the Face of Oppression, Monica Cross, Sojourner Truth Leadership Fellowship for Black Trans Women, Tapestry Ministries, The Collaborative Community Planning Council
    Description: onica Joy Cross is a Pastor at First Christian Church of Oakland and Associate Pastor at Tapestry Ministries in Berkeley, who identifies as Black and trans. In this oral history, she shares many of...
  3. Twilight People e-Booklet

    Collection: Discovery Resources
    Institution: London Metropolitan Archives
    Creator: Twilight People
    Date: Jan. 3, 2017
    Topics: Activists, Christianity, FtMs, Gender diversity, Gender dysphoria, Gender identity, Gender minorities, Islam, Judaism, Oral history, Photography, Religions, Spirituality, Transgender community, Transgender people, Transitioning
    Subject: Abi, Anon, Carole, Christina Beardsley, CJ Bruce, Elen Heart, Faye, Fran, Harmonie, Isabella, Jane, Jenny-Anne Bishop, Koji, Layla, Peta, Reubs, Robin, Sabah Choudrey, Sharon (Shanon) Ferguson, Surat-Shaan, Umber, Vida
  4. Twilight People Sound Installation

    Collection: Audio and Video: Clips and Transcripts
    Institution: London Metropolitan Archives
    Creator: Twilight People
    Date: Feb. 4, 2016
    Topics: Gender diversity, Gender identity, Gender minorities, Identity, Religions, Spirituality, Transgender people, Transitioning
  5. Interview with Alex Iantaffi

    Collection: Audio and Video: Clips and Transcripts
    Institution: Jean-Nickolaus Tretter Collection, University of Minnesota
    Creator: Iantaffi, Alex, Jenkins, Andrea
    Date: Oct. 6, 2015
    Topics: Activists, Bisexual identity, Child abuse, Communism, Divorce, Gender identity, Gender realignment surgery, Hormones, Immigration, Intimate partner violence, Marriage, Masculinity, Musicians, Parents, Piano, Roman catholicism, Therapists, Trade unions, Transgender people
    Subject: Alex Iantaffi, BiCon
    Description: Alex Iantaffi is a non-binary gender-queer trans-masculine person. In this oral history, he shares his experiences growing up in Rome in a working-class family; his identifications with and through...
  6. A Concise History of the University of Ulster, Trans-Gender Archive (1986-2010)

    Collection: Discovery Resources
    Institution: Transgender Archives, University of Victoria
    Creator: Ekins, Richard
    Date: Jun. 2013
    Topics: Newsletters, Transgender libraries
    Subject: Phaedra Kelly, Richard Ekins, The Trans-Gender Archive (TGA), University of Ulster Trans-Gender Archive

    Collection: Zines
    Institution: Queer Zine Archive Project
    Creator: Sex Worker Open University
    Date: 2013
    Topics: Autonomy, Gender, Labour law, Male prostitutes, Migration, Misogyny, Patriarchy, Sex workers, Sexuality, Social exclusion, Stigmatisation, Transgender people, Transgender prostitutes
  8. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Community Archives at London Metropolitan Archives

    Collection: Discovery Resources
    Institution: London Metropolitan Archives
    Creator: London Metropolitan Archives
    Date: Jun. 2010
    Topics: Archives, Court records, Courts, Gay rights, Lesbians, Letters, LGBTI community, Medical records, Oral history, Organisations, Religions, Visibility
    Subject: Glasgow Women's Library, Out There, Peter Tatchell, Speak Out London, The Lesbian and Gay Newsmedia Archive, Unfinished Histories
    Description: This guide explores collections relevant to the research of LGBT history from 17th century to the present day.
  9. From Cross to Trans

    Collection: Zines
    Institution: Queer Zine Archive Project
    Date: Feb. 2010 to Sep. 2010
    Topics: Breast prosthesis, Crossdressing, Deconstruction, Gender, Personal papers, Transgender people
    Subject: Free Shop
  10. My Tender Gender

    Collection: Zines
    Institution: Queer Zine Archive Project
    Creator: Katana, Noa
    Date: 2009
    Topics: Drag, Gender, Lesbians, Nudes, Photography, Transgender people
  11. Guide to the Dawn Langley Simmons Papers, 1848- 2001, 2012-2014 and undated, bulk 1969-2000

    Collection: Discovery Resources
    Institution: Duke University
    Creator: David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library
    Date: Aug. 2007
    Topics: Interracial marriage, Sex change, Transgender people, Transsexuals
    Subject: Dawn Langley Simmons, Edwin Peacock, Harold George Nicolson, Isabel Lydia Whitney, Margaret Rutherford, Marjorie Hall Ticehurst Copper, Nigel Nicolson, Robert Holmes, Sallie Bingham Center for Women's History and Culture, Sarah Combs, Vita Sackville-West
    Description: Author Dawn Langley Simmons had one of the first sex­ reassignment surgeries in the United States. She was brought up as Gordon Langley Hall in England at Sissinghurst Castle, home of Vita Sackvill...
  12. Archive Study Guide: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Television: Made-For- TV Movie Discovery Resources

    Collection: Discovery Resources
    Institution: UCLA Film and Television Archive
    Creator: UCLA Film and Television Archive
    Date: circa 2006
    Topics: Gay television, Representation, Television programs, Transgenderism on television
    Subject: American Broadcasting Company (ABC), CBS, HBO, Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), SHOWTIME, The National Broadcasting Company (NBC)
  13. Larry Buttwinick Interview Transcript

    Collection: Audio and Video: Clips and Transcripts
    Institution: GLBT Historical Society
    Creator: Meeker, Martin
    Date: Mar. 1, 2004
    Topics: Army, Bars, Drag queens, Gay community, Gay men, Sexual practices
    Subject: Bill Clamp, Bitch and Stitch Club, Council on Religion and the Homosexual, Henry Von Dykoff, Imperial Court, José Sarria, Maximilian Von Blisenbaugh, Society of Individual Rights (SIR), Tom Little, William Bliss
  14. Transgender Community News, Vol. 13 No. 1 (January 1999)

    Collection: Renaissance News & Newsletters
    Institution: Transgender Archives, University of Victoria
    Creator: Renaissance Education Association
    Date: Jan. 1999
    Topics: Acceptance, African-americans, Anti-transgender violence, Appearance, Civil rights, Crossdressers, Crossdressing, Drag, FtMs, Gender, Gender dysphoria, Gender realignment surgery, Gender role, Partners, Passing, Pornography, Psychotherapy, Sexuality, Transgender people, Transitioning, Transsexual people
    Subject: Alex McLendon, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Beaumont Society, Carla Enriquez, Cissy, Dallas Denny, Dame Edna Everage, Erin DeSouza, Flip Wilson, Hedwig and the Angry Itch, Jennifer Peck, JoAnn Roberts, Melanie Yarborough, Renaissance Education Association, Inc., Richard F. Docter, RuPaul, Stephen Whittle, The International Congress on Gender, Crossdressing, and Sex Issues, Tyra Hunter
  15. In Your Face No. 5 (Spring 1998)

    Collection: In Your Face
    Institution: Digital Transgender Archive
    Creator: Wilchins, Riki Anne
    Date: Spring 1998
    Topics: Activists, Anti-discrimination law, Anti-transgender violence, Aversion therapy, Classification of diseases, Demonstrations, Gender dysphoria, Intersex rights, Lobbying, Media, Police brutality, Politics
    Subject: Abner Louima, Alan Walker, American Psychiatric Association (APA), Dana Priesing, Demit Demir, GenderPAC, Hermaphrodites With Attitude (HWA), International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC), Intersex Society of North America, Nadia Frey, National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF), National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF), National Organization for Women (NOW), Rene Ouellet, Sabrina Robb, Title IX, Transgender Officers Protect and Serve (TOPS), Transsexual Menace